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It is vital to stop the spread of #COVID19  in hospitals - among staff, patients and visitors. We're issuing guidance advising staff to wear surgical masks and all visitors and outpatients to wear face coverings at all times.

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Spain reopens its famed museums to visitors after nearly three months of coronavirus lockdown

Youth sports organizations: As you resume activities, have you planned what to do if a player, visitor or coach gets sick with #COVID19 ? CDC offers tips to protect the health and safety of staff, players and visitors involved in youth sports. Tips here:

A sight - and sound - to behold ... #SanFrancisco 's #GoldenGateBridge  is serenading visitors with an eerie, musical humming noise 🎵

Did you know..? Marianne North wanted tea and coffee to be served to visitors inside the gallery, however, Joseph Hooker declined her request. Instead, she painted a coffee plant over one entrance door and tea over the other. ☕

A Hoover senior living community’s swift and strict regulations have been successful so far: none of the residents have tested positive for the coronavirus in the nearly four months since it closed to visitors.

"...a maximum of 400 visitors inside at any one time — 25% of its capacity — for timed visits. Guests are encouraged to reserve and pay for admission in advance online. Wearing masks indoors is mandatory."

Art Basel, the premier modern and contemporary art fair, cancelled its 50th edition in September after many dealers cited concerns about the coronavirus and the safety of visitors

Temperature checks for visitors after nursing homes reopen from June 15th via @IrishTimes 

While armed people and protesters concerned about police brutality have peacefully shared the sidewalks, there have been public rumblings that the situation is concerning visitors and workers just now venturing out as stay-home orders loosen.


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45mins: Goal for Chelsea - Demba Ba takes advantage of a slip by Steven Gerrard to run through and put the visitors ahead #LFC  0-1 #CFC 

VP Pence does not wear a mask during Tuesday’s visit to the Mayo Clinic, which is requiring all patients and visitors to wear a face covering or mask in effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Elephant throws stone toward zoo visitors, killing girl

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1 of 4: On Wednesday, torrential rain and drastic wind gusts overcame America’s most hallowed grounds. Visitors ran for cover. News media piled into vehicles together. The streets flooded. Trees as old as the cemetery itself broke at the trunk and came crashing down.

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Saying a prayer for all the victims & their loved ones, also for the residents & visitors of Las Vegas! This was a horrific act of terror!!

.....came from, and in far safer conditions. No matter how good things actually look, even if perfect, the Democratvisitors will act shocked & aghast at how terrible things are. Just Pols. If they really want to fix them, change the Immigration Laws and Loopholes. So easy to do!

The venue for our first #MUtour  match had some other famous visitors this week, @OneDirection .

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Looks like Mike just showed some visitors why you should never turn your back on a tiger

This gorilla was using sign language to tell zoo visitors that they weren't supposed to feed him.

Wikileaks editor has been gagged and isolated by order of Ecuador's new president Moreno. He cannot tweet, speak to the press, recieve visitors or make telephone calls. Ecuador demanded that he remove the following Tweet: