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A new partnership aims to bring the clinical experience into the classroom with virtual reality technology: #MIS2019 

The top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020 2. MULTI-EXPERIENCE: Immersive experiences powered by augmented and virtual reality, conversational (AI NLP) and sensory technologies. #GartnerSYM 

Stormtroopers arrive at @boxpark , The Gruffalo appears @artsdepot  and @MuseumofLondon  offers a virtual reality tea party

Your @usairforce  news: ✅ Barbara Barrett is selected as the 25th Secretary of the Air Force ✅ The Sixteenth Air Force is activated ✅ Helicopter pilots train using virtual reality

Microsoft ‘DreamWalker’ VR system lets users traverse real world while immersed in virtual reality

The world has changed significantly since many of these men were imprisoned. Before they’re released, they use virtual reality to learn about life in the outside world… @simon_reeve 

Microsoft ‘DreamWalker’ VR system lets users traverse real world while immersed in virtual reality

Virtual reality company develops games for road trips via @fox5sandiego 

Could virtual reality save coral reefs? Scientists are using gaming technology to map coral beds and keep track of them over time

#VR over #5G  helps Belfast Harbour vision to become smart port - harbour teams up with @bt_uk  to deploy 5G-enabled applications including virtual reality:


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I took a ride with for and ’ Virtual Reality project Marshall From Detroit - check it on the Oculus VR Platform now:

Fear is for the winter. Beyond the Wall, the #GameofThrones  Virtual Reality experience, is now available on @viveport  Infinity:

someone in a game just rode up to me on a dragon and said ‘are u danisnotonfire’ and my virtual escape from reality crumbled around me i am truly safe nowhere

Sometimes I wonder whether Virtual Reality has gotten so good that we’ve lost all urge to invent the actual reality that it imitates.

Crazy in love? The Japanese man 'married' to a hologram. Akihiko Kondo, a school administrator, married a virtual reality singer called Hatsune Miku in early November. His mother refused to go to the wedding

watch me have the worst experience of my life as i (a terrified arachnophobe) explore a cave (literally full of spiders) in virtual realitySkyrim -

Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss has been recorded in virtual reality, to help ensure future generations never forget the horrors of the Holocaust

An Australian man recreated his girlfriend's favorite place using virtual reality, then proposed to her outside of it 💍

Prince considered posthumous performances through virtual reality tech to be “demonic.” Timberlake won’t be “honoring” him. It is a violation, and as others have noted, an apt metaphor for how black art is regurgitated for predominantly white audiences.

Like virtual reality without the goggles. Watch how Christopher Nolan pushed the boundaries of filmmaking on the set of #Dunkirk !