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This woman was physically dragged from the microphone after announcing how much money West Virginia’s politicians get from oil companies
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Will be going to West Virginia and Indiana today, TWO RALLIES! Don’t tell anyone (big secret), but I will be bringing Coach Bobby Knight to Indiana. He’s been a supporter right from the beginning of the Greatest Political Movement in American History!
BREAKING: Man who drove car into counterprotesters at white nationalist rally in Virginia convicted of first-degree murder.
BREAKING ⁦:⁩ Immigrant children as young as 14 housed at a juvenile detention center in Virginia say they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells.
West Virginia, this is Joe Manchin at the State of the Union. He tried to stand right after talked about all time low unemployment numbers, but got a look from Chuck Schumer & he sat down like a well trained dog!
You can do much better vote pol#wv#wvpol
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I need the people of West Virginia to send a message to Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Democrats by voting for Carol Miller and Patrick Morrisey!
My people just informed me that this is one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast in many years. Also, looking like a direct hit on North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Please be prepared, be careful and be SAFE!
US mass shootings.

Las Vegas, 2017: 50+ killed

Orlando, 2016: 50 killed

Virginia Tech, 2007: 32 killed

Sandy Hook, 2012: 27 killed

San Ysirdo, 1984: 21 killed

San Bernadino, 2015: 14 killed

Edmond, 1986: 14 killed

Fort Hood, 2009: 13 killed

Columbine, 1999: 13 killed
Thank you West Virginia - I love you!
Fantastic #MAGARally🇺🇸in West Virginia, thank you. Everyone get out and VOTE for Patrick and !
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