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US mass shootings.

Las Vegas, 2017: 50+ killed

Orlando, 2016: 50 killed

Virginia Tech, 2007: 32 killed

Sandy Hook, 2012: 27 killed

San Ysirdo, 1984: 21 killed

San Bernadino, 2015: 14 killed

Edmond, 1986: 14 killed

Fort Hood, 2009: 13 killed

Columbine, 1999: 13 killed
The Democrats in the Southwest part of Virginia have been abandoned by their Party. Republican Ed Gillespie will never let you down!
Sandy Hook.
Virginia Tech.
San Bernardino
Las Vegas.
Countless others.
Congress must act to finally end gun violence.
Ralph Northam,who is running for Governor of Virginia,is fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs & sanctuary cities. Vote Ed Gillespie!
WATCH: A West Virginia coal miner sings the national anthem prior to his shift underground. #ProudAmerican
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An earth moving experience in Virginia using Enter Sandman! #Metallica #EnterSandman #VirginiaTech #HokieNation #ExitLight #EnterTheHokies
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Condolences to the family of the young woman killed today, and best regards to all of those injured, in Charlottesville, Virginia. So sad!
No background checks
No licensing
No registration
No permit req’d for concealed carry of long guns
Open carry long guns & handguns
5. Karena Virginia. Says she was groped by Trump at the U.S. Open in 1998.
Virginia Governor @TerryMcAuliffe to white supremacists: "There is no place for you here. There is no place for you in America."
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