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13 women have accused Trump of sexual assault or harassment:

Natasha Stoynoff
Rachel Crooks
Cathy Heller
Kristin Anderson
Summer Zervos
Mindy Macgillivray
Jill Harth
Jessica Leeds
Temple McDowell
Karena Virginia
Jennifer Murphy
Ninni Laaksonen
Jessica Drake

I believe them all.
US mass shootings.

Las Vegas, 2017: 50+ killed

Orlando, 2016: 50 killed

Virginia Tech, 2007: 32 killed

Sandy Hook, 2012: 27 killed

San Ysirdo, 1984: 21 killed

San Bernadino, 2015: 14 killed

Edmond, 1986: 14 killed

Fort Hood, 2009: 13 killed

Columbine, 1999: 13 killed
🚨We are getting reports of calls to Virginia voters falsely saying that their polling place has changed. 🚨

If you receive a call:
✔️Confirm your polling place at

✔️ Report it to @ACLUVA at 804-644-8080
#ElectionDay #vagov
Sandy Hook.
Virginia Tech.
San Bernardino
Las Vegas.
Countless others.
Congress must act to finally end gun violence.
The state of Virginia economy, under Democrat rule, has been terrible. If you vote Ed Gillespie tomorrow, it will come roaring back!
38 states are needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment for women. 36 have already voted YES! We only need 2 more. C’mon! What’s wrong with you Illinois? Virginia? Florida? We can do this. WE ARE THE MAJORITY. All running 4 office in 2018 must be asked: “Do u support the ERA?”
Ralph Northam,who is running for Governor of Virginia,is fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs & sanctuary cities. Vote Ed Gillespie!
Reminder that American Nazis waving confederate flags and marching to defend a statue of Lee murdered a woman in Virginia this summer.
My brain keeps returning to the sentence “a transgender heavy metal singer defeated the author of Virginia’s anti-trans bathroom bill."
Ralph Northam will allow crime to be rampant in Virginia. He’s weak on crime, weak on our GREAT VETS, Anti-Second Amendment....
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