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Investigators say the mass shooter that killed 12 people at a Virginia Beach municipal complex in May was socially isolated and had some personal struggles, but they found no clear warning signs ahead of the attack.

A post published on social media portrayed the former Virginia Beach City Council candidate as a “woman of ill repute.” Now, the former candidate is seeking more than $10 million in damages.

Capitol police investigating Virginia Beach School Board member for allegedly threatening delegate

“VBStrong: Healing Through the Arts” will be held this Sunday at the Zeiders American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach.

"Back to books": In Virginia Beach, a new kind of Barnes & Noble store re-opened: a smaller, brighter, more open version. The Town Center location is the first Barnes & Noble store to get the new look.

"The information is just not there:" A probe offered no clear answers about why a city engineer opened fire in Virginia Beach, killing 12. The husband of one victim called the report “dog and pony show” that “regurgitated” information.

After Virginia Beach Mass Shooting, Report Calls for Improved Security and Other Changes via @routefifty 

Firm conducting independent investigation into Virginia Beach mass shooting releases findings

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Virginia Beach mass shooting independent investigators reveal findings


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Today marks 2 years since 26 people were killed at a church in Sutherland Springs, TX. Since then, we have seen Parkland. El Paso. Virginia Beach. Pittsburgh. Thousand Oaks. Santa Fe. Life, after life, after life -- lost. And yet, @senatemajldr  has done nothing.

Last week, it was Virginia Beach. But day after day and year after year, too many families and communities are shattered by senseless gun violence. We can't get numb to this. On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, pledge to speak out, #WearOrange  — and vote — to protect lives.

Las Vegas. Orlando. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. Sutherland Springs. El Paso. Parkland. San Bernardino. Columbine. Virginia Beach. Aurora. Dayton. Tree of Life Synagogue. If Congress doesn't act I'll take executive actions to end this epidemic. Enough. #2020GunSafety 

Unbelievable crowd of supporters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Thank you! Next stop - Cleveland, Ohio.…

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Dayton, 9 El Paso, 20 Virginia Beach, 12 Aurora, Ill., 5 Thousand Oaks, 12 Pittsburgh, 11 Annapolis, 5 Santa Fe, Tx., 10 Parkland, 17 Sutherland Springs, Tx., 26 Las Vegas, 58 Orlando, 5 Ft. Lauderdale, 5 Burlington, Wash., 5 Only the sites and numbers change; nothing else does.

Spoke to Virginia Governor @RalphNortham  last night, and the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Virginia Beach this morning, to offer condolences to that great community. The Federal Government is there, and will be, for whatever they may need. God bless the families and all!

THANK YOU VIRGINIA BEACH. been real shitty on Twitter today sorry