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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joins WMAL to discuss Rep. Adam Schiff's political targeting of President Trump and the crimes associated with his handling of classified information between himself, Lt. Col. Vindman and the leaker at the time of the phone call.

Republican counsel Paul Taylor is lying and misrepresenting key facts. He's skewing testimony by Lt. Col. Vindman and quoting @neal_katyal 's new book in a way that fails to differentiate between legal and illegal activity. #ImpeachingHearings  #ImpeachmentHearings  #GOPLies 

5/ * call records between POTUS and Ambassador to EU Gordon Sondland; * NSC Legal Advisor John Eisenberg’s notes and correspondence relating to discussions with Vindman regarding the July 10 meetings in which Sondland requested investigations in exchange for a WH meeting;

4/ * the August 15 “Presidential decision memo” prepared by Vindman/approved by Morrison conveying “the consensus views from the entire deputies small group” that “the security assistance be released”; * NSC staff summaries of conclusions from meetings relating to Ukraine;

3/ These include: * "briefing materials for President Trump’s call with President Zelensky on July 25 prepared by Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman" of NSC; * notes relating to the July 25 call taken by Vindman and NSC's Tim Morrison;

Republicans issue 123-page defense of Trump ahead of Democrats' impeachment report Their tic is to dismiss damning evidence by vilifying upstanding public servants like Fiona Hill and war heroes like Vindman as “career bureaucrats”

Like most witnesses, when Lt. Col. Vindman and Jennifer Williams were asked whether the President was directing a scheme on behalf of his own personal interests and not in the interest of national security, they both answered yes.

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Trump loyalists will smear Vindman today. Here’s the big lie they’re telling.

"There were “some concerns that, you know, there could be some stray voltage,” Lt. Col. Vindman'>Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert, testified later." @nancybenac 


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Some of Trump's defenders have accused Lt. Col. Vindman—a Purple Heart recipient—of disloyalty to country. I asked Dr. Hill, a fellow immigrant, her response to these scurrilous attacks: "This is a country of immigrants... This is what, for me, really does make America great."

My Republican colleagues may try to muddy the waters, but this fact is undisputed: On the July 25 call, Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. There's no ambiguity about it. And Lt. Col. Vindman understood that ask as a demand.

Didn’t he testify he had no idea who the whistleblower was? Sounds like perjury to me... but don’t worry he will get away with it because he’s pushing the Democrat’s agenda. Vindman Just Admitted To Leaking To The Anti-Trump Whistleblower.

Lt. Col. Vindman says he doesn’t know the “Whistleblower’s” identity. @RepAdamSchiff  claims he doesn’t know the “Whistleblower’s” identity. So how is asking who Lt. Col. Vindman spoke to “outing the ‘Whistleblower?’”

We just released testimony of Lt. Col. Vindman and Dr. Fiona Hill, two patriotic public servants. This is first-hand testimony on how the levers of government were abused to help the president politically, at the cost of our national security. Read:

Impeachment inquiry hearings next week: Tuesday morning: Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindman Tuesday afternoon: Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison Wednesday morning: Gordon Sondland Wednesday afternoon: Laura Cooper and David Hale Thursday: Fiona Hill More details to come.

Sorry, @Jim_Jordan , Lt. Col. Vindman brought receipts. You can keep smearing a decorated war hero, but he brought his performance review today.

Trump & his proxes have ridiculed General Mattis, General McMaster, General Kelly, and now Lt. Colonel Vindman, all decorated soldiers who willingly and dutifully signed up to work for him. I never want to hear again about Trump's alleged support for our soldiers and veterans.

I remember the Vindman boys fondly. Theirs is the story of America at its best.

You are attacking a decorated Army colonel. Vindman'>Alexander Vindman served in the Iraq War. You serve yourself. He received a Purple Heart. You're receiving subpoenas. Unlike you, he has a sense of duty to this country. He is a patriot. You are a disgrace.