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Scooby Doo is basically a show that teaches kids that the villains in our lives are usually not strangers, but rather people we know & trust
I shall sentence all VILLAINS & DEMONS to the Darkness of DELETION.
It’s not that we’ve suddenly entered an age of villains. The villains were already there. But the age of Trump is definitely one of endless villain reveals.
#RAW is now MAGIC.

The #WOKEN Era has arrived.

There is a MYRIAD of VILLAINS & DEMONS to DELETE on this plane identified as WWE.
Stanton & Judge in NY with the Yankees would be the best thing to happen to baseball since McGuire vs Sosa in '98 before anyone really knew about the steroids. Modern-day version of Ruth & Gehrig, Mantle & Maris. Big Apple box office. HEROES! VILLAINS! RATINGS!
The mind of these villains hungry for attention. This video does a much better job explaining it than I can:
The South fought for slavery, General Kelly. They wanted more slavery, forever. They were the villains in the Civil War story. The end.
Say hello to "The Bad Guys" also know as the fifty greatest villains of ALL TIME! @HeymanHustle @AlexaBliss_WWE @BrockLesnar
Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito Realize They Will Be Villains In Oscar-Winning Movie One Day
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