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Doctor Anywhere partners with ViettelPay to provide online healthcare services in Vietnam. #HITventure  #Engage4Health 

A Vietnam veteran in hospice care got to see his beloved dog for the last time

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"Patch" took a trip down to the hospice center to be reunited with Vietnam War veteran John Vincent. Since the reunion, the dynamic duo's story has gone viral 

Indore, India is one of the cleanest cities in #India  due to its unique waste management program. @USAIDAsiaHQ  funded #BuildingHealthyCities  project is working w/ the Indore Smart Cities program to share their successes w/ other Smart Cities in Indonesia & Vietnam#UrbanOctober 

A Vietnam veteran in hospice care got to see his beloved dog for the last time. #Dog  #Love  #Veteran  #Pets 

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A Vietnam war veteran in hospice care said a final goodbye to his dog as his dying wish.

Vietnam'>Dying Vietnam war veteran has last wish to be reunited with his dog granted

As his dying wish, a Vietnam War veteran said a final goodbye to his doggy friend.

A 84-year-old Vietnam War nurse proved her strength by challenging a TSA officer to a round of pushups before an Honor Flight.


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I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq. I will do everything in my power to prevent a war with Iran. I apologize to no one.

How can “Senator” Richard Blumenthal, who went around for twenty years as a Connecticut politician bragging that he was a great Marine war hero in Vietnam (then got caught and sobbingly admitted he was neither a Marine nor ever in Vietnam), pass judgement on anyone? Loser!

Senator Richard Blumenthal must talk about his fraudulent service in Vietnam, where for 12 years he told the people of Connecticut, as their Attorney General, that he was a great Marine War Hero. Talked about his many battles of near death, but was never in Vietnam. Total Phony!

How does Da Nang Dick (Blumenthal) serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee when he defrauded the American people about his so called War Hero status in Vietnam, only to later admit, with tears pouring down his face, that he was never in Vietnam. An embarrassment to our Country!

I have now spent more time in Vietnam than Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, the third rate Senator from Connecticut (how is Connecticut doing?). His war stories of his heroism in Vietnam were a total fraud - he was never even there. We talked about it today with Vietnamese leaders!

On this Vietnam War Veterans Day, we celebrate the brave Vietnam Veterans and all of America’s Veterans. Thank you for your service to our great Nation!

THANK YOU to our generous hosts in Hanoi this week: President Trong, Prime Minister Phuc, and the wonderful people of Vietnam!

Just arrived in Vietnam. Thank you to all of the people for the great reception in Hanoi. Tremendous crowds, and so much love!

Great meetings and dinner tonight in Vietnam with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Very good dialogue. Resuming tomorrow!

My representatives have just left North Korea after a very productive meeting and an agreed upon time and date for the second Summit with Kim Jong Un. It will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27 & 28. I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim & advancing the cause of peace!