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Police will be on the lookout for unruly behaviour as school leavers descend on popular Victorian coastal destinations from this weekend. →

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How does a Victorian, who was recently delisted by a Queensland-based AFL club, make it to the #SANFL ?

Join us for the third week of our free online course An Introduction to Victorian Film

An eclectic Victorian with period features and chic modern upgrades. At more than 2,000 square feet, with two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a roomy loft, it’s decently sized for a semi. This place has a lively paint job on the inside:

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE ⚠️ Due to the Victorian Christmas Fayre there will be no parking at County Hall for Warriors vs Sale Sharks on Sat 30 Nov. Supporters are encouraged to make use of our Park & Walk service. 👉

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Michael Gove and Jacob Rees Mogg are both younger than me. I’m not saying someone like me should be running the country but maybe if we move away from these insurance ombudsman and Victorian workhouse supervisor looking types, then we might actually get somewhere

i'm enjoying this fun holiday special episode of sherlock set in the victorian erawaIT WHAT OH MY GOD OH MYGODTHISIsAMZINGASOFILJCkd;aE;F''.

Melbourne, Australia: Australian citizens of Indian-origin gather to show support to revocation of Article 370. It was followed by a rally led by Kashmiri Pandits from Victorian state parliament to Federation Square

A Victorian Indigenous site older than the pyramids has become the first in Australia to receive World Heritage protection solely for its Aboriginal cultural importance

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, for services to the Sovereign.

selfy has replaced selfie. can't stand "selfie." "selfie" look like the name of a victorian pickpocket or a dog. selfy much more elegant

The UK court’s order on Vijay Mallya is written in clear, modern English. But our Indian court orders/judicial language is fossilised, bombastic gobbledygook. Our colonial masters have moved on to a new language, but our judiciary won’t let go of their Victorian tailcoats.

When a 9-year-old girl asks for work so she can help feed her family, we should stop everything we're doing to help her. Instead the Tory time machine is hell-bent on taking us all back to Victorian times. What a shocking, and utter, disgrace.

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