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In September, @VVAmerica  , a nonprofit veterans advocacy group, released a report that found veterans are a big target of foreign agents who spread disinformation, sow political division, attempt financial scams through bogus charities and recruit spies.

An eight-year-old Maryland boy has been on a mission to help homeless veterans since he was 4 years old—and so far, he's raised over $50,000 for his cause.

Veterans Memorial makes short work of Laredo Martin in Region IV-5A Division I Bidistrict Playoff

Today, survivor guilt is scarcely mentioned in the broader discussion around PTSD, and mental-health experts worry the condition is being chronically underreported and overlooked in trauma survivors, such as veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Volunteers clean headstones of veterans at Prairie Grove cemetery

A Maryland boy disheartened by military veterans in need has raised more than $50,000 to help as many as he can, one “hero bag” at a time.

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Pres. Trump is pardoning two Armyveterans, one charged with murder and the other convicted of it. He's also ordering a promotion for a decorated Navy SEAL convicted of posing with a dead Islamic State captive in Iraq.

Local dental clinics work together to provide veterans, their dependents with free dental services


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This Veterans Day, here’s a moving portrait of the extraordinary resilience of my friend Cory Remsburg, an Army Ranger I’ve come to know over the years. It’s an honest tribute to all those wounded warriors and their families who give so much to our country

Today, we come together as one Nation to salute the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces – the greatest warriors ever to walk on the face of the Earth. Our Veterans risked everything for us. Now, it is our duty to serve and protect THEM every day of our lives!

We’ve learned so much about Trump’s months-long campaign to pressure Ukraine because military veterans & his own national security aides stood up to tell the truth. They put their country ahead of everything else. It’s not too late for Republicans in Congress to do the same.

To all our veterans and your families: thank you. There's no tribute that can truly match the magnitude of your service and sacrifice. But all of us can do our best to live up to the American values of service, responsibility, generosity, and citizenship that you helped defend.

After all that I have done for the Military, our great Veterans, Judges (99), Justices (2), Tax & Regulation Cuts, the Economy, Energy, Trade & MUCH MORE, does anybody really think I won’t build the WALL? Done more in first two years than any President! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

It was my honor to sign a Presidential Memorandum facilitating the cancellation of student loan debt for 25K of our most severely disabled Veterans. With today’s order, we express the everlasting love & loyalty of a truly grateful Nation. God bless our Vets, & God Bless America!

Hillary had fucking pneumonia and attended a 9/11 memorial anyway and fainted and Trump and his supporters went bonkers and said she was about to die. Trump won't stand in the rain for a few minutes to honor the veterans of WWI. It's astonishing.

President a no-show because of raindrops? Those veterans the president didn’t bother to honor fought in the rain, in the mud, in the snow - & many died in trenches for the cause of freedom. Rain didn’t stop them & it shouldn’t have stopped an American president.

I can’t believe “deported veterans” is an actual phrase.