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This is astonishing. 3 /4 of Venezuelans lost weight last year—an average of 19 lbs—because the country's starving.
Today: Venezuelans crossing the border to buy food in Colombia.,
While the Maduro regime continues to repress the rights of Venezuelans, these sanctions against four corrupt government officials again demonstrate that the United States stands firmly on the side of the Venezuelan people.
Increasing numbers of Venezuelans are using Bitcoin to buy medicine, protect savings and pay wages while the local currency is in freefall.
Lots of Venezuelans have taken to the streets over the past month. Here's what you should know about the escalating violence.
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Venezuelans are learning how to defend themselves after the US threatened military action.
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Yesterday millions of Venezuelans made their voices heard. They demand the restoration of democracy in #Venezuela
Canada deeply concerned by President Maduro’s threat to ban participation of political parties in #Venezuela's future elections which puts at risk solutions to restore #democracy & resolve cri#humanitariansis, urgently needed by all Venezuelans.
Venezuelans are ripping up money after a cash shortage. The govt wanted to take the largest bill out of circulation to combat “the mafia.”
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