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#LIVE  #Venezuela 's Vice President@DrodriguezVen : "Venezuela is waging an exemplary fight amid U.S. criminal blockades. The world calls on the U.S. government to end the unilateral coercive measures that it is holding on various nations. "

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MMT people: it’s an interesting theory, highly useful inn face of absurd deficit fear mongering. But screaming MMT as answer to every budget question in context of existing political reality sounds not unlike those yelling Venezuela to every proposed health care expansion

#LIVE  #Venezuela 's Vice President@DrodriguezVen : "The strategic collaboration between China and Venezuela has allowed several supplies necessary to combat the Covid19 to arrive. Medicines, protective supplies, and hospital machines are part of the shipment. "

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More than 4 million people have fled Venezuela in the last few years as the country's economy collapsed. 5 of them told us about the moment they realized they had to flee and what they can't get back.

In Haiti, according to a tweet by my @MiamiHerald  colleague @Jacquiecharles , officials estimate there are only 100 ventilators in the whole country, and press reports say the real figure may be much lower. In Venezuela, hospitals lack soap and water:

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The U.S. government’s own data show that Venezuela is a comparatively small player in the cocaine trade, @PanAmericanPost  writes. So why is the Trump administration now raising the alarm about Venezuela “flooding” the U.S. with cocaine?

In Venezuela, a pandemic meets years of shortages and a broken health system: @newhumanitarian )

“Thinking of Venezuela as a democracy gone wild or just as an example of the failure of socialism fails to fully capture the causes and consequences of the country’s predicament.”

Americans are experiencing what it’s like in Cuba, Venezuela without coronavirus | Opinion


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I ask every member of the Maduro regime: End this nightmare of poverty, hunger and death. LET YOUR PEOPLE GO. Set your country free! Now is the time for all Venezuelan Patriots to act together, as one united people. Nothing could be better for the future of Venezuela!

If Cuban Troops and Militia do not immediately CEASE military and other operations for the purpose of causing death and destruction to the Constitution of Venezuela, a full and complete....

Russia has informed us that they have removed most of their people from Venezuela.

I am monitoring the situation in Venezuela very closely. The United States stands with the People of Venezuela and their Freedom!

Venezuela should allow Leopoldo Lopez, a political prisoner & husband of (just met w/ ) out of prison immediately.

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President has officially recognized the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela.

Please keep the people of Venezuela in your prayers! Devastating to see!

Just spoke to King Salman of Saudi Arabia and explained to him that, because of the turmoil & disfunction in Iran and Venezuela, I am asking that Saudi Arabia increase oil production, maybe up to 2,000,000 barrels, to make up the difference...Prices to high! He has agreed!

The citizens of Venezuela have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Maduro regime. Today, I have officially recognized the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela.