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Remember to be inspired by the hate. Let it be fuel to ur foreign vehicle that a hater could never drive. !
#SMEntertainment and #HyundaiMotorCompany reveal the newest product of ‘Hyundai X SM Moving Project,’ ‘#SOLATIMovingHotel’!
It is a luxury car inspired by the limousine, customized for stars who spend long hours in a moving vehicle, and it provides hotel-like services
10 years ago today, two Marines heroically gave their lives to stop a vehicle filled with 2,000 pounds of explosives.

They were awarded the Navy Cross for their actions.
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California police shot an unarmed black man, 26-year-old Diante Barber, with up to 30 bullets in a Walmart parking lot. He was a father of 3, says @GuardianUS.

Police say he was wanted for questioning regarding a stolen vehicle.
EPA says Superfund sites around Houston aren't accessible to its personnel. @AP got to 7 by boat, vehicle, on foot
A car crashed into the second story of a building in Santa Ana, California, this morning. Officials say the vehicle hit the road's center divider and went airborne.

Photos via Orange County PIO
BREAKING: Vehicle plows into a group of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally in Virginia; injuries unknown.
There were 229,286 vehicle checks at the ‘largely unmanned & invisible’ Norway/Sweden border in 2016.
Norway, like Switzerland, is in both the single market & the Schengen area.
Their ‘free-movement deals’ are thus with the entirety of the EU, not their ‘neighbours’.
Carry on.
Ronny Jackson provided so much Percocet to a staffer that the White House staff went into a panic that so much was discovered missing. Oh, and he got drunk and wrecked a government vehicle.
City buses, police vehicle and salt truck collide on slippery roads in Montreal this morning. Submitted by Willem Shepherd.
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