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BREAKING: Vehicle plows into a group of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally in Virginia; injuries unknown.
France vehicle attack leaves at least six soldiers injured
BREAKING: Counterterrorism official says van detained in Dutch city not connected to recent vehicle attacks in Spain.
Info available at this stage: from 2208hrs officers responded to reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians on #London Bridge. 1/3
City buses, police vehicle and salt truck collide on slippery roads in Montreal this morning. Submitted by Willem Shepherd.
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These Syrian children went to get chips from a food truck. The vehicle exploded and killed more than 60 of them.
Do you see that baby being escorted from the vehicle moments after??!! Does that image not haunt you? Murder is murder. That...was murder.
Vehicle terror attacks in Europe, 2017:

London 3/22
Stockholm 4/7
London 6/3
London 6/19
Paris 6/19
Paris 8/9
Barcelona 8/17
And now, #Barcelona.

What more can be done to prevent vehicle terror attacks?
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The GSLV – MKIII D1/GSAT-19 mission takes India closer to the next generation launch vehicle and satellite capability. The nation is proud!
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