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Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world.
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VATICAN: Gay male escort compiled 1,200 page dossier with names of 34 priests and explicit WhatsApp messages, erotic photos and other evidence to expose the 'double life' of Church leaders.
Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East were great. Trying hard for PEACE. Doing well. Heading to Vatican & Pope, then #G7 and #NATO.
On CNN @jamiegangel is talking about how thoughtful and decent George and Barbara Bush were with staff, noting when they went to the Vatican they asked who was Catholic so those aides could join. Marked contrast to Trump excluding Sean Spicer last year.
White smoke emitted from the chimney in Rome. The Vatican has chosen a new Pope. Heisenberg 1. May God save us all.
Police seize Vatican car carrying four kilos of cocaine worth £150,000:
Pope on Trump: "A person who thinks only about building not Christian." This is Vatican City.
Amazing: The Papal Bobsled Team Just Took Home Bronze For Vatican City
When Obama visits Pope Francis vs. when Trump visits Pope Francis #Vatican
Oh, just some photos of First Ladies of the US who visited the Vatican (with hair coverings, or dare I say... Hijab?) #TrumpinSaudi #Melania
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