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Really, @FoxNews ? Using the Lord's name in vain? Really?

@ciara  to Baby Future: "I pray that when you get older A CHANGE will finally have come. I’m going to keep my FAITH! I’m praying that the losses of our Black Kings and Queens won’t be in vain. Enough is enough! I’m praying for UNITY!"

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Joel Osteen says George Floyd's death won't 'be in vain' #WakeUpCLT  |

Joel Osteen says George Floyd's death won't 'be in vain'

"This day is not about City Hall, " @SylvesterTurner  says. "This is your city. Today is about the family of George Floyd. We want them to know that George did not die in vain. " Photo: @godovasquez 

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LIVE NOW Mayor Turner "Your marching protesting has not gone on in vain we are listening."

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Until the next time, if there is a next time, don't let your struggle be in vain some will try and smear your name; fook them Keep your head to the sky. Karma is a bitch in due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near.

“My administration is fully committed that for George and his family, justice will be served, he will not have died in vain,” Trump says during an update on the Federal Response to nationwide protests of George Floyd's death in police custody

#ICYMI : "For George and his family, justice will be served. He will not have died in vain, but we cannot allow the righteous cries of peaceful protestors to be drowned out by an angry mob," said Pres.Trump at White House Monday. STORY:

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren wants to get input from people around college athletics to ensure that "George Floyd’s death cannot be in vain."


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The National Guard has arrived on the scene. They are in Minneapolis and fully prepared. George Floyd will not have died in vain. Respect his memory!!!

No Americans should fear enmity and harm from those sworn to protect us. The death of George Floyd must not be in vain: Our shock and outrage must grow into collective determination to extinguish forever such racist abuse.

Attack on CRPF personnel in Pulwama is despicable. I strongly condemn this dastardly attack. The sacrifices of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain. The entire nation stands shoulder to shoulder with the families of the brave martyrs. May the injured recover quickly.

BREAKING: tonight the Senate unanimously passed the #HongKong  Human Rights & Democracy Act. This is a great step forward for those fighting for their freedom. Thank you for what you’re doing. The US stands with you. Your fight will not be in vain, and won’t go unnoticed.

Prayer is never in vain: it always brings forth something new that, sooner or later, bears fruit.

Apparently we need to add a new definition for “sarcasm” noun - a meaningless catch-all word employed in a vain attempt to explain away embarrassingly stupid statements.

This tweet is for Dr. Ford. You put yourself through so much and I want you to know it wasn’t in vain. You started a movement and we’ll see it through. If they won’t listen to our voices, then they’ll listen to our vote.

....for Otto’s mistreatment and death. Most important, Otto Warmbier will not have died in vain. Otto and his family have become a tremendous symbol of strong passion and strength, which will last for many years into the future. I love Otto and think of him often!

We cannot let those killed in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, die in vain. Likewise for those so seriously wounded. We can never forget them, and those many who came before them. Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying....

7 years ago today, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while walking home unarmed. His death was not in vain as it helped awaken a nation to painful truths and lies about anti-Black racism and policing in the 21st century. Gone but not forgotten ? Rest in power.