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this happened yesterday during uruguay vs chile luis suarez ran to the referee telling him to book the chile p
This happened yesterday during Uruguay vs Chile. Luis Suarez ran to the referee telling him to book the Chile player who stopped the pitch invader by tripping him to the ground. Only Luis Suarez would do this. 😭😂😭
FIFA World Cup
so this weekend sat france vs argentina uruguay vs portugal sun spain vs russia croatia vs denmark if you ve g
So, this weekend...

France vs Argentina
Uruguay vs Portugal

Spain vs Russia
Croatia vs Denmark

If you've got plans, cancel them.
B/R Football
120 luis suarez saves ball from going in with his hand at 1 1 121 luis suarez gets sent off and ghana given pe
120’: Luis Suarez saves ball from going in with his hand at 1-1

121’: Luis Suarez gets sent off and Ghana given penalty

122’: Asamoah Gyan misses penalty

FT: Uruguay go through to a World Cup semi-final in a penalty shootout

Nine years ago today—Luis Suarez 😳🖐
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worst performing currencies against us dollar over past year venezuela 2500000 argentina 104 turkey 96 brazil
Worst performing currencies against US Dollar over past year.

Venezuela: -2,500,000%
Argentina: -104%
Turkey: -96%
Brazil: -30%
Iran: -30%
Ethiopia: -18%
Russia: -17%
Pakistan: -16%
Sweden: -15%
Myanmar: -13%
South Africa: -13%
India: -11%
Uruguay: -11%
Nepal: -11%
Ukraine: -10%
@ajplus 8 months
uruguay just passed a comprehensive transgender law which includes the right to self identify gender update le
Uruguay just passed a comprehensive transgender law, which includes:
-The right to self-identify gender + update legal name w/o approval from a judge
-The right to have an operation + hormone treatments paid by the state
-1% of government jobs be reserved for trans individuals
David Ornstein
two medicals taking place at arsenal today 22 year old uruguay midfielder lucas torreira from sampdoria and 19
Two medicals taking place at Arsenal today - 22-year-old Uruguay midfielder Lucas Torreira from Sampdoria and 19-year-old France Under-20 midfielder Matteo Guendouzi from Lorient. Torreira key signing for immediate term, Guendouzi high-potential prospect for future #AFC #URU country flag #FRA country flag
BBC Breaking News
massive power cut hits all of argentina and uruguay supplier says affecting about 48m people
Massive power cut hits all of Argentina and Uruguay, supplier says, affecting about 48m people
Footy Humour
if portugal beats uruguay and argentina beats france it will be argentina vs portugal in one of the most antic
If Portugal beats Uruguay and Argentina beats France, it will be Argentina vs Portugal in one of the most anticipated World Cup games of all-time. Messi vs Ronaldo. RIP Twitter if this happens.
@Sporf 1 year
if portugal beat uruguay and argentina beat france world cup quarter final will be portugal vs argentina rip
🇵🇹 If Portugal beat Uruguay 🇺🇾

🇦🇷 And Argentina beat France 🇫🇷

🏆 World Cup Quarter-Final will be....

🇵🇹 Portugal vs Argentina 🇦🇷

😳 RIP Twitter.
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most press freedom 2019 1 norway 2 finland 3 sweden 4 netherlands 5 denmark 6 switzerland 7 nz 8 jamaica 9 bel
Most press freedom, 2019.

1. Norway
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands
5. Denmark
6. Switzerland
7. NZ
8. Jamaica
9. Belgium
10. Costa Rica
11. Estonia
12. Portugal
13. Germany
14. Iceland
15. Ireland
16. Austria
17. Luxembourg
18. Canada
19. Uruguay
20. Suriname

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