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The ghost orchid is an unusually beautiful flower found only in Cuba and the flooded forests of South Florida, where there are about 2,000 of the plants.

Film Study: Patriots’ offense vs. Eagles: *Unusually sloppy execution *Edelman consistently doubled, no one else could get open *Had to resort to gimmicks on key downs *Eagles didn’t respect Patriots’ pass *More!

Malibu Boats Sees Unusually Large Options Volume $MBUU

Chefs’ Warehouse Target of Unusually High Options Trading $CHEF

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Target of Unusually High Options Trading $ALNY

Gildan Activewear Target of Unusually Large Options Trading $GIL

Iqvia Target of Unusually Large Options Trading $IQV

Sailpoint Technologies Sees Unusually High Options Volume $SAIL

Qudian Target of Unusually Large Options Trading $QD

Vulcan Materials Target of Unusually High Options Trading $VMC


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Every generation gets its own crop of boy bands, but BTS feels like an unusually potent force.

200 reindeer were found dead in the Arctic. Scientists believe they starved to death and say the unusually high death toll was caused by climate change damaging their food supplies. (📷: Elin Vinje Jenssen/Norwegian Polar Inst.)

This guy was going to buy a dog until someone convinced him to go to a shelter instead. That's where he met Ray, a pittie puppy with the most unusually adorable smile ever! 😍

1. The Islamic State’s news agency has claimed responsibility for the string of bombings in Sri Lanka which left 321 people dead. It’s taken them more than 2 days to do so, which is unusually long for ISIS:

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Elected officials in “blue states” are complaining about tax reform as “unusually hard” on them. Anyone else wonder why the highest tax states are blue (Dem)? NY, NJ, MA, IL, CA. Here’s an idea Governors-> LOWER your State and Local Taxes!! #maga 

Japanese ambassador in Downing Streetunusually candid after PM meet with Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc: “If there’s no profitability of continuing operations in UK no private company can continue operations...simple as that... this is all high stakes all of us need to keep in mind.”

Trump’s remarks last night were unusually horrendous. Dr. Ford has received death threats. Nazis have protested outside her house. Last week, she was forced to publicly answer questions about an experience so painful it still haunts her. And Trump's response was to mock her.

Do not eat, serve or sell romaine lettuce. If you bought it, throw it away. If it's in a mix, throw that away. And sanitize your fridge, too. Unusually comprehensive and candid warning from the CDC this afternoon:

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"Munchkin cats" are cats with a genetic abnormality causing them to have unusually short legs.

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