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NOON: What's an unpopular opinion you hold? Thanks to @KennyVLimaC  for the inspiration for today's show ... his contributions (the first of which is deeply flawed) are: The Big Lebowksy is a terrible movie. Pizza and donuts are best eaten with a knife and fork. Add to our list!

NOON: Today - what's your unpopular opinion? @dainty_chainsaw  says dogs NOT kids should be allowed in pubs @Marty_Chan makes the case that socks with sandals IS a good look (oh Marty ..) @FreshandFrowsy  says Kanye West is a great producer ... but a bad rapper.

Unpopular opinion: Thor Vs. Star-Lord was a better rivalry than Captain America vs. Iron Man #Avengers  #MCU  #Marvel 

Unpopular opinion from someone who’s loved space stuff his whole life: American exceptionalism is deeply toxic and keeps Americans from changing, and space mythos is pure fuel for American exceptionalism.

Unpopular opinion but there’s been a fair bit of shit going down this year.

unpopular opinion: me, to people tying current police-related events directly to federal government

We'll eventually get opinion polling on the 2020 uprisings and let's keep some perspective on history when they do. The anti-war and civil rights protests of 1968 were very unpopular with mainstream America. Today, those protests are celebrated, but they were loathed at the time.

Unpopular opinion: securing liquidity in March/April was the right thing to do for any business that was eligible for any of the programs

Unpopular opinion alert. Doug Collins is probably right and American Bridge (though doing their job) is wrong. Obama had a policy barring lobbyists from serving in the WH (yes, @TPCarney , with many infamous exemptions). It prevented some talented policy experts from serving

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Listener Brandon: "Sean Paul is massively overrated" ? Jake Gyllenhaal: "No absolutely not, just hang up" ? Jake & @TomHolland1996  join @gregjames  for a very Unpopular Opinion ?

? SURPRISE! ? It's @Harry_Styles ! ? Listener Ellie is a massive Harry Styles fan and thinks she's playing Unpopular Opinion with @gregjames . What she doesn't know is Harry is on the line too! ?

When you have an unpopular opinion on social media.

Unpopular opinion: It's time to forgive Thanos

Unpopular opinion (at least among journalists): Ivanka doesn’t weigh in on sh*t about her father, the President. She does however, have a number of journalists on speed-dial, and makes sure the second-day story is always “... but Ivanka pushed back...”

okay im sorry this will be the most unpopular opinion of all time but even by now i am not tired of the doge meme. it ALWAYS makes me laugh.

So, Republicans have passed a wildly unpopular tax plan. Special elections show a huge swing against them in the polls. But hey, they have a plan to turn public opinion around next year: cut Social Security and Medicare!

There’s a reason it’s an unpopular opinion: It’s neither intelligent nor moral.

im just gonna drop that unpopular opinion and leave before i get attacked OK BYE