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The Conservatives have now admitted that Universal Credit has left even more people reliant on foodbanks.

So why haven't they stopped the roll out?
In the last week I've been meeting people across the country affected by Universal Credit.

Here are some of their stories...
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Universal Credit; the Garden Bridge; Seaborne Ferries...
Why on earth wouldn't you trust senior Tory Brexiters like Duncan Smith, Johnson & Grayling?
Coverage of Universal Credit talks of "vulnerable" groups, when it would be more appropriate to describe them as "oppressed". If the thing you are vulnerable to is your own society, you're oppressed.
No one should be cold or hungry at Christmas.

It's time this Government opened its eyes to the misery its causing and immediately stop the roll out of Universal Credit.
Today it's been revealed that Esther McVey has been saying that Universal Credit will cost millions of families £200 each month, pushing more into poverty.

it's time to stop defending this flawed and failing system. It must be halted. #PMQs
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Everything you hear and read in the news - struggling hospitals, schools budgets struggling, police struggling, universal credit falling apart - requires money and indicates fabric of nation eroding. Yet billions found for no deal Brexit that would make all these problems worse
There were rumours this afternoon that Esther McVey would resign. Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe someone explained to her how Universal Credit works and she thought better of it.
Nobody should be worse off, and nobody should have their homes put at risk because of Universal Credit.

The system has to change.
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