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@robertnpalmer  @alfie_stirlingC  @carysrobertsu  @graceblakeleyt  @DanNeidle  @hselftaxc  @adamcorlettouncil  tax charges on lowest paid. Abolish BBC licence fee fir them too. Tackle benefits withdrawal system. Reform universal credit that penalises low earning self employed. Remove two child cap and bedroom tax. Cut NI rate on low earnings. Leave income tax alone.

A Universal Credit claimant eligible for free prescriptions has faced a penalty charge - NHS spokesperson explains how to ensure this doesn't happen

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It is from the bunch who dreamt up universal Credit

A man "terrified" about moving onto Universal Credit died after cutting his own throat.

Man terrified of moving onto Universal Credit slit throat in hospital toilet

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Eyes to the skies tonight for the Perseid meteor shower. Here is last summer's display (with the added bonus of an aurora) in Saskatchewan. Pic credit: VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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Mum 'forced to become phone sex worker after Universal Credit cuts almost left her homeless'

MPs say people on Universal Credit are losing an average of £59 a week

Single mum 'forced to become phone sex worker after Universal Credit cuts'

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Coverage of Universal Credit talks of "vulnerable" groups, when it would be more appropriate to describe them as "oppressed". If the thing you are vulnerable to is your own society, you're oppressed.

May crying on tv Now she knows how others feel when Turned down for universal credit,a house,an operation, lost their job Used a food bank Sleep on the streets Never give a fuck about them so just go and take your vampire s with you Tears of a clown

In just one morning in austerity Britain, it's been reported that life expectancy is going down, 7,000 head teachers say school funding is in crisis, and the roll out of Universal Credit and benefit cuts are increasing demands on mental health services. Change is going to come.

The Tories are bungling Brexit while Labour has set out a unifying and credible alternative plan. When millions face the misery of Universal Credit, rising crime, homelessness and poverty, now more than ever is the time to bring people together to build a better future for us all

The Conservatives have now admitted that Universal Credit has left even more people reliant on foodbanks. So why haven't they stopped the roll out?

Today it's been revealed that Esther McVey has been saying that Universal Credit will cost millions of families £200 each month, pushing more into poverty. it's time to stop defending this flawed and failing system. It must be halted. #PMQs 

No one should be cold or hungry at Christmas. It's time this Government opened its eyes to the misery its causing and immediately stop the roll out of Universal Credit.

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Nobody should be worse off, and nobody should have their homes put at risk because of Universal Credit. The system has to change.

We’ve just secured an emergency debate in Parliament tomorrow after the Tories didn't turn up to vote on Universal Credit last Wednesday.

Labour's motion on Universal Credit passed unanimously. The Tories must now act on clearly expressed will of Parliament & pause its roll out