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DUP leader Arlene Foster has said her party has its eye on the North Down seat being vacated by Independent Unionist Sylvia Hermon as it seeks to improve on the ten seats the party won in the last election

. @SteveAikenUUP  : “for the Unionist Party'>Ulster Unionist Party, our message is clear - – with only Boris’s/DUP sell out deal on the table, we must put our Union first. We joined the EU as one, we either leave as one, or we REMAIN as one”

Interesting analysis of the challenge Johnson faces to retain his Uxbridge seat on 12 December. He faces a strong challenge. There is a possibility that the Conservative and Unionist Party will have no leader, nor any MPs in Scotland on 13 December.

Very unfortunate for the Conservative and Unionist Party: "The leaking of the 22-page internal briefing document is likely to embarrass Conservative HQ as it exposes the party's strategy ahead of the 12 December poll."

Ulster Unionist Party will now NOT run in North Belfast in Westminster election.

The Unionist Party'>Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) will not run a candidate in North Belfast in the upcoming general election:

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The Unionist Party'>Ulster Unionist Party has announced it will step aside in North Belfast to allow Democratic Unionist deputy leader Nigel Dodds a clear run in the constituency

The Unionist Party'>Democratic Unionist Party will step aside for their rivals the Ulster Unionist Party in the Fermanagh South Tyrone constituency in next month's British general election


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Mike Langley exemplified the best of the @UKLabour  Party. He was a trade unionist during his career as a bus driver and then he became a councillor who worked relentlessly for his community. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

Thinking about NI demographics, NI's concubine economic dependency, the political status quo, the GFA, relations on this island and Johnson's evaporating majority, I wonder whether DUP supporting Brexit will go down as the greatest tactical blunder any Unionist Party ever made?

Interesting story from a colleague today. Neighbour approaches her to advise that he had destroyed his Conservative and Unionist Party membership card and joined the SNP. Reason: "I am not prepared to allow Boris Johnson to destroy Scotland. Enough is enough!" How many others?

So committed to Brexit are members of the Conservative and Unionist Party that they would be willing to see Scotland (63%) and Northern Ireland (59%) leave the UK in order to secure it.

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So members of the Conservative and Unionist Party would wave through Scottish independence and Irish reunification, the destruction of their own party, and significant economic damage to secure Brexit. The only thing they fear is a socialist government. Actually amazing.

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I'm proud to lead a party founded by trade unions, supported by trade unions and am proud to be a trade unionist myself. My speech at the #DurhamMinersGala .