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“We feel like we have unfinished business. But there’s so many things you have to consider.” On the debate about an extra year of eligibility — from the athletes’ perspective.

Among the business Hawaii lawmakers left unfinished when they abruptly suspended the Legislature to help slow the spread of the coronavirus were proposals to improve psychiatric care for the state’s mentally ill.

"Since #Beijing25  a generation of women dedicated their lives to the great unfinished business of the 21st century" − Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, addressing the Group of Friends of Afghanistan meeting. Have a listen👂: #GenderEquality 

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Reading the bill now. It’s full of funding that will help us turn the corner on Coronavirus. One 🚨 though: no specific funding to help labs increase testing capacity. Government is going to increase that capacity - by a lot - and that takes money. Majorunfinished business.

Oh, this matchup will be good to watch when the NBA resumes again. John Collins of the Hawks says he has some unfinished business with Embiid. 😂👀

"Beijing has also gone back to other unfinished business. Ren Zhiqiang, an outspoken tycoon and former head of a state-controlled property empire, has disappeared after slamming President Xi Jinping’s handling of the crisis"

🗣 "La Bague Au Roi has unfinished business & will return next season" The latest from @wgreatrexracing  on his team: 🏇 Emitom 🏇 Bob Mahler 🏇 La Bague Au Roi 🏇 Keeper Hill


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I asked Brexit Party chair @TiceRichard  if he'd have accepted a 52-48 *defeat* in the EU referendum - as his leader Farage said it would have been "unfinished business" if they'd lost. Watch a clip of tonight's lively @AJHeadtoHead  on the Brexit crisis:

Advancing the rights of women and girls is the great unfinished business of our time. It's why I support @CherieBlairFndn 's #100000Women  campaign to release the potential of women entrepreneurs. Join me:

Advancing the rights of women and girls is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and no one has done more to push it into reality than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was delighted to help honor her at the 2020 DVF Awards.

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"Democrats failed to complete their investigation in the House because they were in a hurry to move the issue to the Senate, telling the public that President Trump was a threat to national security." Fixingunfinished business in the Senate:

For months, Democrats delayed President Trump’s USMCA and blocked routine legislation that Congress must pass before the end of the year. The impeachment obsession has left us with an overload of 11th-hour business that’s still unfinished.

"In a 52-48 referendum, this would be unfinished business by a long way." Nigel Farage, 17 May

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One of the biggest scandals in media manipulation is the TRP mechanism call BARC. Had Smriti remained I&B Ministry she would have dismantled it. But now in the national interest I will have to work on her unfinished business to eliminate fake news

"Marvel's @JessicaJones " has unfinished business. Just don't get in her way.

Myanmar army chief justifies burning & clearing Rohingya Muslim villages--ethnic cleansing--as "unfinished business"

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