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We have three kids - an eldest, a youngest and a WILDEST. Today, our wildest turns 4 years old. Parenting is a real journey but parenting this one is an adventure. Any day spent with him is sure to be full of unexpected twists and turns. Some fun, some..…

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"The most important point is to be prepared for the unexpected." Michel Mayor, together with co-laureate Didier Queloz, explored our home galaxy, the Milky Way, looking for unknown worlds. In 1995, they made the very first discovery of an exoplanet outside our solar system.

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Unexpected roll growth has left some Auckland schools scrambling for teachers even though they thought they had enough staff just before the school year started.

And you thought your worst first date story was bad. A Massachusetts woman became an unexpected getaway driver after a man she met on a dating app robbed a bank on their first date.

Unexpected'>Life Unexpected: Dwyane Wade Says Telling Gabrielle Union He Had Baby By Another Woman Was 'The Hardest Thing He's Ever Done' (Pascal Le Segretain / Getty)

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Prayer comes in many unexpected forms.

The matinee performance of "Jagged Little Pill" had an unexpected intermission on Saturday

#recap 17 unexpected things found inside other things.

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This week Westminster returned to business as usual - by which we mean extraordinary and unexpected upheaval - says @maxjliu  in his UK politics update...


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It is an unexpected but delightful surprise to find myself excited and invigorated to be returning to Jean-Luc Picard and to explore new dimensions within him. Read my full statement in the photo. #StarTrek  Photo:

We truly were brothers that lived an unexpected unforgettable adventure. I just can't fathom that it would end so suddenly.

guys, please don’t believe everything you read. I have not sent any Rise and Shine cease and desist letters. ??‍♀️ Rise and Shine was an unexpected moment.. I had a lot of fun with it, and I have laughed so hard seeing everyone’s memes since the video came out a few weeks ago..

i got so much stuff coming for all of you. so much music. so many surprises. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. I love you. #mybeliebers 

The next 20 days Expect the Unexpected. #music  #content  #movies  #giveback  u have no idea :)

Looking forward to what is coming. Art is everywhere. Expect the unexpected

so unexpected; if I could tell you.