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Coronavirus Impact: The new report that a knee-buckling 6.6 million more Americans filed for unemployment insurance makes it more urgent for Congress to approve a fresh jobs package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

Americans are seeking unemployment benefits at unprecedented levels due to the coronavirus, but many are finding more frustration than relief.

Gov @AsaHutchinson  : expects 100,000 unemployment claims by the end of the week

While millions are facing health and financial uncertainty and unemployment rolls are reaching record levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a small group of wealthy elites are thriving.

Soaring unemployment increases odds US banks will cut dividends

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People who have lost their jobs can file for unemployment benefits and talk to their lenders about skipping payments.

Coronavirus update: Unemployment surges to 4.4%, NYC surpasses 50K cases by @AnjKhem 

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The United States economy loses 701,000 jobs and registers an unemployment rate of 4.4% in March 2020. #coronavirus 

Americans are seeking unemployment benefits at unprecedented levels due to the #coronavirus , but many are finding more frustration than relief.

We answer questions on how to apply for unemployment benefits and how a roughly $2 trillion stimulus package changes who is eligible


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The mammoth US unemployment claims in their historical context.

Best unemployment numbers in the history of our Country. Best employment number EVER, almost 160 million people working right now. Vote Republican, unless you want to see these numbers obliterated!

Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Unemployment'>Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!

Call your representatives today and demand they pass the #FamiliesFirst  coronavirus bill. It contains: - Free testing - 14 days paid sick leave - 3 months paid family leave - Expandedunemployment insurance & food security - Medicaid funds Lives are on the line. (202) 224-3121

It was exactly three years ago today, January 20, 2017, that I was sworn into office. So appropriate that today is also MLK jr DAY. Unemployment'>African-American Unemployment is the LOWEST in the history of our Country, by far. Also, best Poverty, Youth, and Employment numbers, ever. Great!

Short-term: we must provide emergency unemployment assistance and include workers who depend on tips, gig workers, domestic workers and independent contractors. Long-term: we need Medicare for All so your health insurance is not tied to your job.

Breaking News: Unemployment Rate, at 3.5%, drops to a 50 YEAR LOW. Wow America, lets impeach your President (even though he did nothing wrong!).

@NancyPelosi  is counting impeachment votes. Here’s what President Trump is counting: -266k new jobs -54k in manufacturing -Unemployment at 50 yr low -Wages up 3% Less taxes and regulation, more freedom for you and your family. Get gov’t out of the way, and the economy booms.

Hi Claire, Two problems with your tweet: 1. Dr. Ben Carson did not have a seat in this pic because he was sitting in First Class with my family 2. Dr. Carson is not a "thing," he is a world renowned, life-saving neurosurgeon Anyway, how's unemployment?

Unemployment Rate just dropped to 3.5%, the lowest in more that 50 years. Is that an impeachable event for your President?