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The Failing New York Times wrote another phony story. It was political pundit Doug Schoen, not a Ukrainian businessman, who asked me to do a short speech by phone (Skype), hosted by Doug, in Ukraine. I was very positive about Ukraine-another negative to the Fake Russia C story!
EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s election consultants secretly filmed offering to use Ukrainian sex workers to entrap politicians. #CambridgeAnalyticaUncovered
DOUBLE STANDARD: The special counsel is investigating a Ukrainian businessman who gave Trump $150,000, CLINTONS $13 MILLION
SCOOP: Mueller investigating $150,000 donation Ukrainian steel titan made to Trump's foundation in 2015 for 20 min video talk Trump gave to conference in Kiev. Michael Cohen arranged the payment. Trump was running for R nom at the time. w/@maggieNYT
Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow.
Compassionate man. Arsenal have a link-up with a community affected by Chernobyl & Wenger sends messages/shirts. One Ukrainian girl affected by the fall-out asked to be buried in an Arsenal track top that Wenger & Club had sent because “they were the only ones who cared”. 7/10
Sanctions were not discussed at my meeting with President Putin. Nothing will be done until the Ukrainian & Syrian problems are solved!
Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign - "quietly working to boost Clinton." So where is the investigation A.G. @seanhannity
When FBI agents picked lock on Manafort's house, they found Ukrainian lobbying records he had told DOJ didn't exist
Hannity’s show, which must have spent 100s of hours talking about speaking-fee related donations to Clinton and Clinton foundation $$$, now wondering (without self awareness) what the big deal is over the $150k speaking fee Trump go from a Ukrainian oligarch
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