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Over the past ten years, the US political & media elite have taken us from Benghazigate to Russiagate to Ukrainegate. Must provide bread and circuses to the deplorable crowds while Rome burns, I suppose?

Gordon Sondland's "Everyone was in the loop" is the Ukrainegate version of John Dean's, "There's a cancer growing on the presidency."

Democrats must make clear that “Ukrainegate” is not about Ukraine

The Ukrainegate guide: Who are the key players in Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry? Hows does an impeachment process happen in the US? What's the timeline of the events that have led to the inquiry? We have all the answers for you:

Democrats Should Stop Making 'Ukrainegate' About Ukraine @ericlevitz  / New York Magazine)

Impeachment hearings are boring because they aren't telling us anything new Its like a rerun of a story we have heard not only in the news but similar nonsense to RussiagateUkrainegate is the "changing video game monster's colors to make new monsters" of politics

‘I should not be impeached!’ Trump says Kiev confirmed Ukrainegate is a non-story, and here’s what he’s referring to (VIDEO)


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Donald Trump’s Ukrainegate defense, fragile from the start, has now shattered into pieces, @JohnCassidy  writes.

The Ukrainegate “whistleblower” probably isn’t: column

Had noted the other night that on Ukrainegate, Kushner and Ivanka suddenly seem to be invisible. But I was wrong. Not invisible.

Ukrainegate is a rerun of Russiagate someone who works for The Simulation™ needs to tell them to get better writers

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert happily counted the ways Mike Pence is as dirty as Donald Trump in Ukraine-gate.

BREAKING: @VP  Pence explains why he, too, must be impeached. #Ukrainegate  #ImpeachPence 

Rudy Giuliani can be prosecuted for Ukraine-gate — even if Bill Barr won’t act on Trump: Ex-federal prosecutor