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More sophisticated attacks by China's state-sponsored hackers are targeting Uighurs’ phones — even iPhones and even abroad, security researchers say. They warn that foreigners could be next.

Ambassador Culvahouse on the price Uighurs living in Australia pay for speaking out against China’s repression - “their families have paid the penalty... They’ve obviously been monitored.” via @shareamerica 

China threatens Uighur Muslims living in Europe: if you protest against the Chinese government's mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang for forced indoctrination, there will be consequences for your family members who still live in Xinjiang.

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"The NBA may be 'woke' in America. But in China, NBA officials don't want to risk their bank accounts to support Uighurs or protesters in Hong Kong," writes @exjon  for @USATOpinion 

If LeBron views Morey's tweeting as irresponsible and careless to the NBA family's interests, LeBron's tweet has been irresponsible not to the NBA, but to the interests of human rights, the detention of one million Uighurs, and to a pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

INBOX: "Weird that there hasn’t been a single question on China and the Uighurs"

LeBron James finds the imprisonment of one to two million Uighurs in concentration camps and increasingly violent crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong simply too complicated and nuanced to comment upon.

“I realized that they had likely taken my children to other cities, that the Chinese government took my children away." This is what China is doing to the Uighurs

It is hard to pretend to be a touchy-feely humanitarian company while bowing to a country that imprisons innocent Uighurs on a mass scale. Via @TBraithwaite  (Hello Apple, Nike: a rude awakening is coming your way. China cheats on carbon, IP, and worst of all, a living wage)

Business leaders know they are expected to keep silent about the internment of as many as 1m Uighurs in Xinjiang


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This drone video appears to show how Uighurs are detained and transferred in China.

BREAKING: US State Dept. announces visa restrictions on Chinese government and Communist Party officials "who are believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, the detention or abuse of Uighurs, Kazakhs, or other members of Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang, China."

A video captured by a drone appears to shows shackled and blindfolded Uighurs in China.

As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates the 70th anniversary of its totalitarian rule, over a million Uighurs are imprisoned in labor camps, millions are repressed in Tibet & millions are on the streets of #HongKong  marching for autonomy & human rights. My full statement ⬇

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This drone video appears to show how Uighurs are detained and transferred in China.

State Dept official Scott Busby: "There are at least 800,000 and possibly up to a couple of million" of Uighurs and others detained in Chinese internment camps without charges, based on U.S. intel assessments. Wow.

@statedeptspox : #China  must end its rampant abuse of human rights in #Xinjiang . We call on the Chinese Government to release all Uighurs & other Muslim minorities arbitrarily detained throughout so they may return home to celebrate the holiday #Eidw /their loved ones.

There are a million Uighurs in concentration camps and, as noted, if the Chinese government decided to just start killing them by the thousands every day, I'm not at all confident the world would lift a finger to stop them.

“One Million Muslim Uighurs Have Been Detained by China, the UN Says. Where’s the Global Outrage?” - me for on one of the most horrific and under-reported human rights crises in the world today. Pls do read and share.

Uighurs'>Muslim Uighurs who escaped Xinjiang give their testimonies to on the mass detention, torture and mistreatment by the Chinese gov't.