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The Chinese government has reportedly detained more than a million Muslims, most of whom are Uighurs, in reeducation camps. What to know:

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“It’s a cultural genocide.” That’s how Nury Turkel, a Uighur activist, describes China’s oppression of Uighurs'>Muslim Uighurs

China is now clamping down on Islam well beyond the Xinjiang region, where Uighurs have been detained and placed under intense surveillance

China's 'detention' of Uighurs: Video of blindfolded and shackled prisoners 'authentic'

Human rights organisations accuse China of holding one million people, mostly ethnic Uighurs, at sprawling detention camps in Xinjiang province - a charge Beijing strongly denies

Here’s a 🎥 report I did from #Xinjiang  a few years ago with some context on the #Uighurs  plight

Now, the CCP is arresting Uighurs who send money to overseas relatives, calling it supporting terrorism, and then seizing everything they have. Shameful.

For China’s embattled Uighurs, a bank transfer abroad can become a ‘terrorism’ ordeal

A rare look into Xinjiang, where smartphones at first opened up the world for the Uighurs -- but have became a powerful tool of totalitarian surveillance.

For China’s embattled Uighurs, a bank transfer abroad can become a ‘terrorism’ ordeal ... another excellent piece by @annafifield 


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China's Uighurs'>Muslim Uighurs face systematic oppression from their own government. Their home province of Xinjiang has been turned into a police state—an estimated one million of them are detained in camps

Twitter helped to promote Chinese government propaganda & disinformation denying human rights violations in Xinjiang, where an estimated one million ethnic minority Uighurs have been held in internment camps.

State Dept official Scott Busby: "There are at least 800,000 and possibly up to a couple of million" of Uighurs and others detained in Chinese internment camps without charges, based on U.S. intel assessments. Wow.

@statedeptspox : #China  must end its rampant abuse of human rights in #Xinjiang . We call on the Chinese Government to release all Uighurs & other Muslim minorities arbitrarily detained throughout so they may return home to celebrate the holiday #Eidw /their loved ones.

More than 1 million Uighurs are being held in internment camps in China in an attempt to erase their Muslim identity.

Uighur women have reported being fed medication in camps but this is the first time I’ve seen sterilization of Uighurs mentioned. Beyond chilling

There are a million Uighurs in concentration camps and, as noted, if the Chinese government decided to just start killing them by the thousands every day, I'm not at all confident the world would lift a finger to stop them.

“One Million Muslim Uighurs Have Been Detained by China, the UN Says. Where’s the Global Outrage?” - me for on one of the most horrific and under-reported human rights crises in the world today. Pls do read and share.

Uighurs'>Muslim Uighurs who escaped Xinjiang give their testimonies to on the mass detention, torture and mistreatment by the Chinese gov't.

U.N. says it has credible reports that China holds A MILLION Uighurs in secret camps @ReutersZengerle