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NEW: A Uighur-Dutch woman tells @nytimes  how she helped leak secret Chinese Communist Party files on internment camps with 1 million+ Muslims. @ICIJorg  reported on the docs. She first told a Dutch newspaper of her role to try to protect her and her family.

One of the whistleblowers who helped to leak internal Chinese government documents on Beijing's mass detention of Uighur Muslims now pleads for protection from retaliation for her family members still in China.

Iran joins a long list of Muslim-majority countries throwing the mass-interned Uighur Muslims under the bus in order to stay close to the Chinese government. How depressing.

#IEWorld | ‘Publicity gives us protection,’ says whistleblower in China crackdown on Uighur Muslims

From @lehrennyt  A follow-up on our investigation with @ICIJ  A Uighur woman in the Netherlands says she leaked documents about the rounding up of Muslims in China and the prison-like conditions in which they're held.

Trump keeps wanting to subordinate China's abysmal human rights record to his trade war but the US Congress keeps getting in the way, legislating about Beijing's suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and against the detention of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

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Even the people of China are showing qualms about their government's mass detention of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. People aren't allowed to express themselves openly but many are voting with their feet by leaving the region.

US House approves bill denouncing China’s crackdown of Uighur Muslims

Furious statements from Beijing follow proposed U.S. sanctions over repression of Uighur Muslims


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China is threatening to add restrictions on U.S. entities because we’re standing up for decency and basic human rights. Today the U.S. House will consider a bill I helped lead and pass in the Senate to report on China’s actions against Uighur Muslims.

Makeup tutorial? Think again. Here's how this teen used TikTok to raise awareness on China's treatment of Uighur Muslims.

"You support pulling fingernails out? You support electric shocks? You support people being sterilized?" I challenged pro-Chinese government commentator Victor Gao on the mass detention of Uighur Muslims. #ChinaCables  Show: Clip:

China’s repression of Uighur Muslims is an outrage, and the House must act on the Senate-passed Uighur Human Rights Policy Act.

JUST IN: Leaked documents reveal key details about the detention of millions of Uighur Muslims at internment camps in China: report

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If you're following the Erik Prince controversy, you'll enjoy a new highlight clip from my interview with him, in which I ask why he's building 'training facilities' in Xinjiang, where a million Uighur Muslims are in camps, and he tries & fails to deny it:

China is separating Muslim children from their families, systematically removing them from their roots, reports the BBC. This is happening in Xinjiang, where the UN says China is holding 1M ethnic Uighur Muslims in internment camps and forcing them to renounce their religion.

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This is one of the biggest injustices on earth that you're likely to know little about. The silence over the Chinese regime's war against the Uighur Muslims must end. Please read and share this.

Ramadan in China is difficult for Uighur Muslims as authorities restrict them from fasting during the holy month.

Powerful film showing China's detention of upwards of one million Uighur Muslims for forced indoctrination until they renounce Islam and their ethnic identity. It's urgent that we all--especially Muslim-majority nations--speak out. China's wealth doesn't excuse such mass abuse.