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The European Parliament has named Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti, serving a long prison term in China, as a finalist for the 2019 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, for "exceptional individuals...defending human rights and fundamental freedoms."

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“It’s a cultural genocide.” That’s how Nury Turkel, a Uighur activist, describes China’s oppression of Muslim Uighurs

In addition to detaining Uighur Muslims for "re-education," China is prosecuting some for having contacts abroad.

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This is Mayila Yakufu, a model citizen. She a a Uighur who speaks fluent Chinese, even teaching local kids the language, and worked in a Chinese insurance company. Yet, after 10 months in a re-education camp, she’s been imprisoned for “financing terrorism”

For members of the Uighur minority in China, "the Uighur internet had become a 'trap,' or a 'qapqan' that they cannot escape," writes @dtbyler .

UN chief @antonioguterres  insists he isn't using only quiet diplomacy for China's mass detention of UighurMuslims in Xinjiang, all w/o mentioning Uighur, Muslims, Xinjiang, detention (or surveillance/persecution). "There couldn't be a more clear message."

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China's utter cruelty in separating Uighur Muslim parents from their children.

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As China sway grows, U.S. to confront it on Uighur issue at U.N.

UN chief @antonioguterres  claims he's being "clear" in speaking about China's mass detention of Uighur Muslims when we won't even mention the ethnic group's name or their detention. #ClearObfuscation 

If only UN chief @antonioguterres  were as outspoken in criticizing China for its mass detention of Uighur Muslims as he is in defending himself from human rights groups that criticize his disappointing public silence.


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Internment camps. Orwellian surveillance. Silence. @IsobelYeung  goes undercover in a special report that reveals how China is oppressing the Muslim minority Uighur people in horrific conditions. See “They Come For Us At Night” this Thursday at 7:30pm ET on @HBO .

This is one of the biggest injustices on earth that you're likely to know little about. The silence over the Chinese regime's war against the Uighur Muslims must end. Please read and share this.

If you're following the Erik Prince controversy, you'll enjoy a new highlight clip from my interview with him, in which I ask why he's building 'training facilities' in Xinjiang, where a million Uighur Muslims are in camps, and he tries & fails to deny it:

China is separating Muslim children from their families, systematically removing them from their roots, reports the BBC. This is happening in Xinjiang, where the UN says China is holding 1M ethnic Uighur Muslims in internment camps and forcing them to renounce their religion.

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Ramadan in China is difficult for Uighur Muslims as authorities restrict them from fasting during the holy month.

Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps @Telegraph 

China is banning Ramadan for some members of the Uighur Muslim minority.

JUST IN: Turkey says that China's treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang is an 'embarrassment for humanity'

Powerful film showing China's detention of upwards of one million Uighur Muslims for forced indoctrination until they renounce Islam and their ethnic identity. It's urgent that we all--especially Muslim-majority nations--speak out. China's wealth doesn't excuse such mass abuse.