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Is YOUR jacket stuffed with THEIR misery? If it’s made with down, then it has an ugly past.

‘It’s going to be an ugly and sad day’: Cuomo prepares for #coronavirus  #apex , now predicted in 3 weeks - #NYS  #NYC  #NY  #Covid19 

Who got their pre covid haircut? Couple months could turn ugly.

2 things: - Kawhi was amazing - I forgot how ugly game 4 in Philly was. Lol! It doesn’t matter how you get it done... just get it done. #Raps  still the champs.

@dnc house organ and an ugly one too.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” - ConfuciusUgly produce are a beautiful solution❗️🧡 Let's cook by preserving our health & the planet❗️ 🍽️🌏 #ZeroHunger  #nofoodwaste  #zerowaste 

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Show must go on for 'Ugly Disco': Benefit heads online

‘It’s going to be an ugly and sad day’: Cuomo prepares for #coronavirus  apex, now predicted in 3 weeks - #NYS  #NYC  #NY  @NYGovCuomo 


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If u feel alone and by yourself, look in the mirror, and wow, there's two of you. Be who you are. Who are you. I am me. Ugly, lol. Shaq

I AM UGLY CRYING WITH SNOT AND EVERYTHING. This dog was lost for two weeks and when he/she was found he/she went to pick up his/her boy from school. And...and...and...?

@Harry_Styles Can't open a magazine without seeing your ugly mug x

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Here's the ugly truth at the core of all of this: the president actually can do whatever he wants - rob, cheat, steal, murder - if he can hold 34 senate votes.

The ugly truth is this: White supremacist terrorism is a real and present danger. When the President and other leaders use racist or dehumanizing language to describe immigrants and Muslims as invaders, angry and isolated men with guns are listening. And acting.

Please don't judge me and I won't judge you, cuz things could get ugly before they get beautiful.

@jakepaul  Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..? Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed ...

I never in my wildest dreams thought my name would in any way be associated with the ugly word, Impeachment! The calls (Transcripts) were PERFECT, there was NOTHING said that was wrong. No pressure on Ukraine. Great corruption & dishonesty by Schiff on the other side!

"He talk about my religion." "He talk about my country." "He talk about my father." "Why people talk about I jump over the cage?" Khabib shares his view after the ugly scenes at UFC 229.

Only REAL friends can make you ugly laugh until you can’t breathe ??