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Uber’s chief executive is under pressure to cut costs wherever possible — laying off hundreds of employees and even replacing the helium-filled balloons workers traditionally get on their hiring anniversary with stickers. Deflation is in the air.

Startups should now view Uber as a cautionary tale: this is what you don’t want to be

Uber relies on an army of drivers whom it refuses to call employees. But some see its “Partner Protection” plan as a model for the gig economy.

To Beat Uber And Lyft, This Startup Vows To Give Its Drivers The Full Fare:

Apple Card vs Uber Visa Card: Which is better for Uber users? (via @CNBCMakeIt )

Uber's dubious path to profitability is not a meme

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Uber and Lyft drivers reveal the hardest parts of their jobs

Utah cities may be losing big money, and it may be thanks to people taking Uber, Lyft or scooters instead of driving.

An Uber ride argument sparked one man to stab another early Saturday morning. Syracuse Police are now searching for the suspect.


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Uber driver just asked me how school was, those moisturizers paying off

Emojis, Frozen, uber, girl squads, brexit, Ryan Lochte, these are things I wish i could've written Michael Scott's takes on

Things that didn't exist on Christmas 15 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram iPad Netflix streaming Google Maps Snapchat Spotify Android Uber Lyft Alexa Airbnb App Store Google Chrome WhatsApp Fitbit Waze Slack Square Dropbox Pinterest Venmo Bitcoin Hulu Kindle

Uber driver was talking smack about the Chargers to their RB Melvin Gordon 🤣 (Via @Chargers )

US tech companies founded by 1st/2nd generation immigrants Apple Google Facebook Amazon Oracle IBM Uber Yahoo EMC eBay AT&T Tesla Reddit

Here's how old these companies will be turning in 2018: Snapchat: 7 years Uber: 9 years Twitter: 12 years Facebook: 14 years Tesla: 15 years Google: 20 years Netflix: 21 years Amazon: 24 years Apple: 42 years Intel: 50 years HP: 79 years Disney: 95 years IBM: 107 years

My uber driver is playing Temperature - Sean Paul. Instant 5 stars.

this uber driver is not fucking around

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