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Thoughts and prayers with the sailors of USS Fitzgerald and their families. Thank you to our Japanese allies for their assistance.
Let's all keep the brave sailors of the USS Fitzgerald in our thoughts & prayers this weekend.
Good God. RIP to the seven lost sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald. This from Navy docs released today, too.
My prayers are with the families of the 7 American Navy sailors who died serving our country aboard the USS Fitzgerald. A terrible loss.
We remember the @USNavy sailors who died aboard the USS Fitzgerald.
My heart breaks for families of the seven @USNavy soldiers who perished on the USS Fitzgerald. Rest In Peace & thank you for your service.
Thoughts are with @USNavy crew aboard USS Fitzgerald. Pray we find the missing.
JUST IN: U.S. Navy to relieve USS Fitzgerald leadership for mistakes that led to deadly crash with merchant ship.
JUST IN: Senior officers of USS Fitzgerald to be removed from duty from warship after June collision - U.S. Navy
BREAKING: US Navy says bodies of missing sailors found inside the damaged destroyer USS Fitzgerald.
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