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This #TradeTuesday , Matt Perrier from Dalebanks Angus explains how #USMCANow  will benefit the beef industry.

It is time to pass a trade deal with Mexico and Canada. USMXCA#USMCANow 

Read about the U.S. Chamber's efforts to get bipartisan support for USMCA #USMCAnow 

Canada and Mexico are critical partners for American manufacturers. See why manufacturers support USMCA. #USMCAnow 

“A vote for the USMCA is a vote for America’s manufacturing workers,” @JayTimmonsNAM  said. #USMCAnow 

Exports to Mexico and Canada support 2 million American manufacturing jobs. #USMCAnow 

#USMCA is a win for agriculture and we urge Congress to move swiftly for America’s farmers and ranchers #USMCANow 


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Dear Speaker Pelosi: There are no excuses left. Let’s deliver a win for America's workers and pass #USMCAnow .

It’s time for Democrats to *do their job* and ratify #USMCAnow .

Tell Congress to stand up for American manufacturing jobs and pass USMCA quickly! #USMCAnow 

USMCA is integral to the health of the economy across the United States, and in particular, New York. #USMCAnow 

@SpeakerPelosi  is slow-rolling a good deal that should be fast-tracked. #USMCAnow 

𝘽𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙆𝙄𝙉𝙂 @Reuters : “Mexican president urges Pelosi to get USMCA trade deal approved” #USMCAnow 

The majority of Wisconsin's agricultural exports are to Mexico and Canada. We need #USMCANow