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It is vital that parliament has the chance to debate and decide in advance on any government proposals to support a new US-led military intervention in Syria, which risks a dangerous escalation of the conflict.
BREAKING: US official says France, the United Kingdom and Middle Eastern allies may participate in US-led military action against the Assad regime over use of chemical weapons.
BREAKING: Russia says it will treat US-led coalition planes in Syria, west of the Euphrates, as targets after US downed Syrian jet.
It's embarrassing to see the US led by incompetence, ignorance, racism, hate, greed. America, you need to raise your voice louder.
BREAKING: At least 100 civilians, including 42 children, killed in US-led strikes in eastern Syrian town. More on
Dear Donald: I'm in Haiti which, as far as i can tell, is a country filled with dignified people trying to figure out how to survive in a world dominated by US-led policies designed to keep poor people poor. It's also beautiful. And the food is great. And you're a shithead.
This Syrian girl hid her dolls inside a box, telling them "you're going to suffocate in here, maybe, but at least you might be safe from the bombings." CNN reports from inside a refugee camp in Syria hours after a coordinated US-led airstrike hit the area.
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A US-led mission has hit several targets in Syria in what the Pentagon chief said was, for now, a "one-time shot"
BREAKING: First images of US-led strikes on Damascus emerge (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
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Do you support the US-led military strikes on the Syrian regime?
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