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Since Oct. 25, top Kurdish National Council officials have met once with Mazlum Kobane, the commander of the US-backed and YPG-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and twice with senior SDF officials led by Redur Xelil in Syria Read more:

Too often we talk about migration as something ahistorical, divorced from US foreign policy. Meet the village of La Trinidad, multigenerational migrants who fled US-backed death squads and were relocated, with US funds, to the base of a volcano.

#Venezuela 's US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido and his domestic allies are scrambling to shake off corruption allegations partly related to #fertilizers '>Colombia-base #fertilizers  company Monomeros Colombo-Venezolanos. #ArgusFertz  news:

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Over a month after the Turkish military operation against US-backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria, the Kurds say that Turkey is targeting their medical infrastructure. @clarissaward  reports. Graphic warning: Some of these images are disturbing.

@RichardHaass  It also includes 6 to 7 thousands of #Saudi  terrorists & 1000s other from US backed Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia. US let it happen to weaken democracy & punish those who refuse to act as proxy.

Iran supreme leader claims protests a US-backed 'conspiracy'

Another prominent figure in #Venezuela 's US-backed parallel administration has abruptly departed in the latest sign of internal discord | #ArgusOil  #OOTT   Patricia Garip@GaripChile ) reports:

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Iran supreme leader claims protests a US-backed ‘conspiracy’

UK. US backed UAE & Saudi gave arms knowingly to AlQaeda.

Iranian supreme leader calls recent protests a US-backed "conspiracy"


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BREAKING: At least 30 killed after a US-backed drone strike accidentally targeted farmers in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, officials say

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By blocking aid to the Venezuelan people #Maduro  is committing a crime against humanity. And military leaders in #Venezuela  who carry out this order are disqualifying themselves from any sanctions relief or Post-Maduro U.S. backed guarantees.

🚨 Please call your members and Senators to pass their war power resolutions to stop the US backed war in Yemen. A child is dying every ten minutes from starvation. THE SENATE VOTE IS TOMORROW. There is no time to waste. Please call and don’t stop calling. #YemenCantWait 

We cannot speak about why people are fleeing Central America without talking about decades of US-backed coups, death squads and war crimes.

Israel killing scores of Palestinian protesters in Gaza isn't a "clash", it's a massacre. A US-backed massacre of an occupied people crying out for their human rights. The occupation of Palestine is an atrocity. Stop $10 million/day US support for Israeli military NOW.

The US-backed Guatemalan military killed over 200,000 people, mostly unarmed civilians. Entire ethnicities were marked for extermination. I visited these communities, still decimated, last month and their stories shook me to my core. Abrams will now handle Venezuela for Trump.

Pope Francis has offered to mediate talks between #Venezuela 's President Maduro & US-backed opposition Guaido - if both sides are willing to talk. Maduro says yes, but Guaido says no. If Guaido is such a champion of democracy, why does he refuse to hold peaceful dialogue? 🤔

1/ The Trump Administration formally endorsed the U.S. backed bombing of civilians inside Yemen today. You need to start raising your voice on this - now. If you need a quick primer why, read this THREAD

US-backed air strikes on IS "capital" Raqqa in Syria cause "staggering loss of civilian life" - UN investigators

#BREAKING Russian jets accidentally bombed US-backed forces in Syria: US general