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Entire world should be concerned with preventing US-Iran confrontation – Doha

#BREAKING : US Iran envoy tells senate foreign relations committee that Iran has carried out attacks in the region to terrorize the world

TODAY: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is holding a hearing entitled "An Examination of US-Iran Policy." Tune in here at 10:00 AM:

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#BREAKING  : US Iran envoy says Iran nuclear deal facilitated Iran's missile testing and helped it 'proliferate missiles to its proxies'

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Entire world should be concerned with preventing US-Iran onfrontation – #Doha 

Even a slight improvement in US–Iran relations might produce a modest uptick in Iran’s economic performance by encouraging domestic and possibly some international investment. Is there a way out of the impasse? |

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New from me: ‘The only game in town’: progress seen in French push for US-Iran talks; hitch is sequencing

US-Iran tensions soar as Tehran demands United Nations condemn Trump for space sanctions #Iran  #Trump 

A #French  initiative to de-escalate US-Iran tensions has developed a framework for broader talks to resolve regional tensions @lrozen 


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#BREAKING China urges 'restraint' from US, Iran after Saudi oil attack

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#AmericaFirst - @gen_jackkeane : The patience @realDonaldTrump  has shown is right. Because the Iranians are on their heels, they can’t isolate the U.S. Iran is of no military significance to us and the fact that we call them out but take no action is the right call. #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Dear media, The US-Iran standoff is a complex story but today’s event has a simple explanation: 1. UK seized an Iranian ship two weeks ago in Gibraltar 2. Iran vowed to respond 3. Iran seized a UK ship today 4. Both want their ships back

A deadly opening attack. Nearly untraceable, ruthless proxies spreading chaos on multiple continents. Costly miscalculations. And thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — killed in a conflict that would dwarf the war in Iraq. Welcome to the US-Iran war

Trump approves new sanctions on Iran. Iran says they “permanently close path to diplomacy”. Here's what you need to know about the latest US-Iran escalation👇

BREAKING: UK maritime safety group warns of unspecified incident in Gulf of Oman, urges 'extreme caution' amid US-Iran tensions.

New from me: We told you so: Frustrated European allies warn Pompeo against US Iran escalation

As I have written, the Saudis must pay a heavy price if they murdered Jamal Khashoggi. But I can’t take seriously the outrage I am seeing from people who argued for closer US-Iran ties while Iran’s thugs helped Assad turn Syria into an abattoir.

Joint statement from PM, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron following Donald Trump's statement on US’ Iran strategy.

Amidst US-Iran tensions, wrestlers emerge as sports diplomats

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