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UPDATE: Man smoking pot finds tiger in abandoned house, says he thought he was hallucinating, according to police #kprc2 #HouNews #SometimesHeadlinesWriteThemselves
UPDATE: Republicans rejected our motion to adjourn until Monday so senators could read the bill they just introduced.

RT If you think senators should have time to read a bill that affects every single American.
UPDATE: A spokesman for the Baltimore City Fire Dept has confirmed the source of the odor was a pumpkin spice air freshener
Texas election officials confirmed that voting machines used in 30% of its counties (including its biggest) are switching people’s votes, including the Senate race between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke. The GOP-appointed officials say they have "no legal authority" to update them.
Have a great day ! Miss you lot, I’m working my arse off. Proper update soon 😝
@NiallOfficial @socceraid p.s love the text update every time you tweet me. Cute
Been spending the last couple of weeks working out an overall plan for the year and beyond that. Promise I’ll update you when it’s all in place
BREAKING: The world's problems will not be solved by arguing with strangers on Twitter. We'll update you when we have more on this story.
UPDATE: 43 senators now support our bill to bar children from being taken from their parents at the border. We still need a Republican senator to join. If you’re represented by a Republican senator, please ask them to cosponsor S.3036. #FamiliesBelongTogether
UPDATE: Democrats just offered an amendment to ensure corporations use their tax savings to raise employee wages at the same rate they increase executive pay, stock buybacks and dividends to shareholders. Every single Republican voting, voted NO. #GOPTaxPlan
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