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The govt. must make it abundantly clear that J&K is an internal issue & external interference is unwarranted. Both the UNSC meeting & President Donald Trump's comments are a clear indication of BJP govt's failed diplomacy.

#ExpressFrontPage | The meeting between Modi and Macron takes place days after French diplomats played a key role in favour of India at the UNSC meeting, where China had raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir during informal consultations.

UNSC to brief on U.S. plans to deploy land-based medium-range missiles in Asia-Pacific region, Russia says

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#Zakharova : Because US actions threaten international security, we found it expedient to call a briefing at the UNSC to raise international awareness. We expect a frank exchange of views with our colleagues and the High Representative to the UN Secretary-General

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After UNSC failure, China goes into ‘wait and watch’ mode

DJIBOUTI’s UN envoy Siad Doualeh says the country will not quit race for UNSC post despite Kenya’s endorsement by AU.

Djibouti envoy says country won’t quit UNSC race despite Kenya’s endorsement by AU

Political situation with impass btw federal Gov. & federal states Security situation with frequent attacks by Al-Shabaab Worsening of humanitarian situation & persistent human rights violations & sexual violence At UNSC, @anngueguen  raises concern over situation in #Somalia 

Russia continues to have a G2 relationship with the US in the nuclear arena but this could vanish as a bilateral forum if ColdWar arms control treaties & practices are rescinded (INF) or allowed to lapse (START?). Russia will of course retain its unchallenged seat on the UNSC 4/4


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To take back PoK we need first to withdraw the illegal Nehru petition to UNSC in 1947 Dec. The LoC then becomes illegal and thus Indian forces can cross over. Muzzafarabad is easy to take. So too Skardu

The.cost of freeing Azharin 1999 is now haunting us. The cost of gifting UNSC seat to China in 1950 is haunting us today. The cost of filing an illegal petition in UN on J&K is bleeding us everyday. Learn to introspect before blaming others. There are no free lunches

Now Namo Govt must withdraw the Petition filed by Nehru in the UNSC seeking UN intervention in Kashmir. The Petition was filed without Cabinet approval hence illegal

@venzq  : Why they should not? Ask those who signed away UNSC seat to China, who took J&K to UN and those who refuse to withdraw it now? Who sold out Tibet again in 2003? China knows who are soft touches and who wear velvet gloves and pack a punch

#WATCH Joanna Wronecka, President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) refuses to comment on Pakistan’s letter to UN regarding the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir.

The UN is now a celebrated joke. India is the third largest in the world in population, in GDP [PPP valuation], and high on territory. Yet in the five nations in UNSC, India does not figure. But small countries like UK figure!!

@Swamy39  : Congi has showed its true anti national character by trying to internationalise Art 370 removal. Best answer is tell UNSC that Nehru’s Petition is illegal and withdraw it

@Ashwinkiing  : It is the UN that needs to exercise restraint and know its limits. The UNSC has yet to make Pak implement its 1948 Resolution to withdraw its troops from Kashmir

Three baseless arguments of Lutyens: 1. Govt land for Ram Temple in Ayodhya cannot be given without SC nod. 2. Article 370 cannot be abolished without Parliament vote of 2/3 rd majority. 3. Nehru’s UN sellout Petition on J&K cannot be withdrawn without UNSC vote

Congratulations to EAM and her entire team at MEA & diplomatic missions for their untiring efforts that have led to India’s re-election to ICJ. Our deep gratitude to all the members of UNGA as well as UNSC for their support and trust in India.