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ARMY! @BTS_twt is making their U.S. TV DEBUT PERFORMANCE with “DNA” at the #AMAs. LIVE November 19 on ABC.
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Trump insisted the Central Park Five were guilty after they were exonerated by DNA evidence and a confession.

But Roy Moore "totally denies it" is good enough for the next U.S. Senator apparently.
Trump's decision on DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made by a president of the U.S. in the modern history of this country.
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Well, at least Trump is consistent. Abroad, he has never met a leader of an authoritarian nation (Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Philippines) that he hasn't liked. At home he shows contempt for the U.S. Constitution and democracy.
To be clear: Donald Trump, president of the United States, does NOT believe the 17 American agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community re Russian meddling in the election. But he DOES believe former KGB agent Vladimir Putin. Let that sink in.
I don’t blame China, I blame the incompetence of past Admins for allowing China to take advantage of the U.S. on trade leading up to a point where the U.S. is losing $100's of billions. How can you blame China for taking advantage of people that had no clue? I would've done same!
A man kneels with a folded U.S. flag as the POTUS motorcade passes him in Indianapolis. (Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
This weekend, all five former U.S. presidents raised money for hurricane relief.

Trump played golf for the 75th time of his presidency
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The Las Vegas mass shooting isn't the deadliest in U.S. history. Here's why.
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