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The U.S. economy is looking very good, in my opinion, even better than anticipated. Companies are pouring back into our country, reversing the long term trend of leaving. The unemployment numbers are looking great, and Regulations & Taxes have been massively Cut! JOBS, JOBS, JOBS
If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America!
It's not CNN's job to represent the U.S to the world. That's yours. Our job is to report the news. #FactsFirst 🍎
Things you can’t do at 19 in the U.S.:
-Buy alcohol
-Rent a car
-Adopt a child

Things you can do:
-Buy an AR-15 military assault-style weapon - with no waiting period or ammo restriction

AR-15s were used in Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Aurora, San Bernardino & Orlando shootings.
According to the @nytimes, a Russian sold phony secrets on “Trump” to the U.S. Asking price was $10 million, brought down to $1 million to be paid over time. I hope people are now seeing & understanding what is going on here. It is all now starting to come out - DRAIN THE SWAMP!
So many positive things going on for the U.S.A. and the Fake News Media just doesn’t want to go there. Same negative stories over and over again! No wonder the People no longer trust the media, whose approval ratings are correctly at their lowest levels in history! #MAGA
ARMY! @BTS_twt is making their U.S. TV DEBUT PERFORMANCE with “DNA” at the #AMAs. LIVE November 19 on ABC.
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BREAKING: U.S. official in charge of protecting American elections from hacking tells NBC News that Russians successfully penetrated voter registration rolls of several U.S. states prior to 2016 presidential election.

More tonight on @NBCNightlyNews.
A woman in the U.S. was thrown out on the streets by hospital staff because she didn't have insurance.
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Trump's decision on DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made by a president of the U.S. in the modern history of this country.
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