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Tyreek Hill put on a show for the @Chiefs  in Week 1, 2018. Plus other full games… for FREE on YouTube! Watch here:

This stat just boggled my mind: The ‘19 Chiefs didn’t attempt a 4th down of 15+ yards. But on 3rd & 15+ they went 12/16 for 255 yards, 3 TDs. This also includes the turning point of the Super Bowl, 3rd & 15 for 44 yards to Tyreek Hill. Mahomes. Unreal. #ChiefsKingdom 

Good piece by @glennonsports  on Logan Ryan. Thoughts: *PFF coverage stats are brutal, help explain why Titans balked. *Staying within 2 yards of Tyreek Hill on any play is a win for him (and most). *He had a great season. Made winning plays. Tons of them.

The best deep-ball throwers are the ones who don't need "GoFundMe balls" from their receivers. The end zone angle of this Patrick Mahomes TD to Tyreek Hill shows the exactitude required of the best to do it.

Former Oklahoma State Cowboy and current Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill made a stop at a Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City to provide meals for healthcare workers.

Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill says 2020 will be a ‘crazy year for me.’ Here’s his reasoning

For Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman, it’s not just about speed anymore via @Rimpsanity 

Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill spent Thursday once again giving back to local doctors and nurses.​


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Tyreek Hill says he wants to try out for the US Olympic team if he’s healthy after the Super Bowl. This was Cheetah’s speed in HIGH SCHOOL 💨 @brgridiron  (via @NFLNow )

Just when we thought Tyreek Hill was going to call out Richard Sherman, he switches it up and praises the 49ers cornerback instead.

FOX Adds Highlighted Line On Field Showing Women How Far Away They Should Stay From Tyreek Hill

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NFL will not discipline Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill, who was accused of assaulting his son. League could not find evidence he did; it will leave open case if further evidence emerges, but Hill is free to report to camp, practice and play this season.

“At some point, draw the damn line and say enough is enough.” - gets emotional over Tyreek Hill audio and wants NFL owners to take a stand.

Ramsey won't give Tyreek Hill his WR credit ? (via @WJXTBJackson )