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Barely made news yesterday. Another school shooting in America. Two kids murdered at school. Still no change in legislation, not even a conversation.
So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life 🙏❤
We have two weeks to save the internet:
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two souls don't just meet by accident
It was my great honor to celebrate the opening of two extraordinary museums-the Mississippi State History Museum & the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. We pay solemn tribute to our heroes of the past & dedicate ourselves to building a future of freedom, equality, justice & peace.
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Watch what happens when two monkeys are offered unequal pay for the same task:
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Remember: the two main means-tested programs in America are Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps). In each case most beneficiaries are children, elderly, or disabled. The idea that we're handing out billions to lazy bums is false and slanderous.
During a commercial break #BTS fans taught Jimmy about their favorite boy band! TWO MORE DAYS until our big @BTS_twt outdoor concert! Wednesday 11/29 on #ABC! #Kimmel #BTSxJimmyKimmelx#BTSArmyJimmyKimmel Army
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Two years today since this ol gal came out. Can’t even explain how much this album means to me n how much it and all of you changed my life 🤧❤️
Kobe becomes the first player to have two jerseys retired for the same team.
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