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Threatening nuclear war on Twitter feels like a terms of service violation
Twitter is built by immigrants of all religions. We stand for and with them, always.
Hey @Twitter, is threatening nuclear war not a violation of terms of service?
At 10:07pm ET, this @BarackObama tweet became the most-liked tweet in Twitter history. cc: @realDonaldTrump
Remember when people on Twitter said voting for Trump is better than choosing the woman warmonger who would start World War III? Good times.
59% of Americans think Trump's presidency has been a failure. The other 41% still don’t have twitter.
"Stay In Yo Place Boy" Twitter in full effect. How does making $$$$ disqualify your opinion about the country in which you live? And...
Military rules and regulations allow trans people to serve their country. Even the commander-in-chief cannot change those via Twitter.
I'm so bad at twitter
Charlottesville white supremacist marcher gets ID’d on Twitter and loses job at hot dog restaurant
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