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51 Million American to travel this weekend - highest number in twelve years (AAA). Traffic and airports are running very smoothly! @FoxNews
"what are you twelve" yeah on a scale of one to ten bitch
I still to this day have a crush on my year 2 teacher miss Willis. It's been twelve years
Twelve pairs of skiis?!
obrigado BRAZIL ☺️ we were only there for less than twelve hours but your love made it feel like an eternity. I can still hear you sing 💚✨💚
Twelve months, three trophies 🏆🏆🏆

Jose Mourinho was appointed #MUFC manager one year ago today.
Why didn't the writer of the twelve year old article in People Magazine mention the "incident" in her story. Because it did not happen!
only reason I made this twelve hour trip is grandps told me he wanted me to always be professional & fulfill my business commitments :(
Scientists estimate that one sixteen-foot-long Greenland shark has been alive for as long as five hundred and twelve years.
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If twelve guys were traveling in a canoe in the desert and onecwheel fell off how many pancakes can u stuffin an elephants ear?
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