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Now go back and read the first word of our tweets from the last three days
Read so many amazing tweets from you guys ! Thanks for sharing the memories with us .. Here's to many more
It's time to stop worrying about Trump's absurd tweets and start worrying about the dangerous legislation he and Republicans are pushing.
Just seen all tweets .. You guys are incredible! Thanks for always making us smile
Full transparency: I'm deleting old tweets. Past views evolved & shouldn't be a distraction. I serve @POTUS agenda & that's all that matters
Lol @kanyewest Now u wanna delete ur tweets cuz Muva has arrived? #TwitterFingers #UrGettingBodiedByAStripperNigga
"I'm screaming" is the pumpkin spice latte of tweets
So I learnt today that apparently my tweets can bring back chicken fries... Whatever will I ask for next? ;)
Thank you for all the tweets !! Loads of loveeeeeee !! X
Just reading some tweets and stuff on instagram. The love for Slow Hands is incredible from around the world . Amazing ! Thank you
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