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#Congress must pass the old, and very strongly proven, deductibility by businesses on restaurants and entertainment. This will bring restaurants, and everything related, back - and stronger than ever, tweets@realDonaldTrump 

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I feel like I'm ripping off @bruce_arthur , who was faster on the tweets, but the Prime Minister is asking a lot of Canadians, but bobs and weaves when asked for hard truths. Enough. Level with Canadians, be honest with us, and trust us.

From "technophobe dad" to "malevolent sports mum" to "guy who regularly likes a porn star's tweets with a public profile" – all are represented.

April Fools Day is kinda dumb, and especially unnecessary this year. So @TMobile  is donating money to healthcare workers for tweets tagging them and including #GiveThanksNotPranks  hashtag. So let’s all do that.

Rule #4  If you want to Gain 100,000 followers you must create a vibrant, eye-popping twitter page with an assortment of Gifs, videos & info. Pay attention to other tweets that catch your eyes; retweet & curate. Always give credit to the originator, i.e. Via RT GIF Compliments of

Taliban's spox Shaheentweets a 3-member technical team of Taliban prisoners’s commission will "verify and identify" Taliban prisoners prior to release in coordination with technical team of Afghan govt. Also, the Taliban team is being hosted in Kabul by "state of Qatar."

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Thank you for tweets of concern, all much appreciated. I’m perfectly fine, a very minor injury. But in no way was the hammer at fault...


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Read so many amazing tweets from you guys ! Thanks for sharing the memories with us .. Here's to many more

? #EXO  is going to be tweeting from the account - Tweets from will have the following hashtags/mention #엑소 #ClosingCeremony 

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I just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit again

It’s super weird to me that has 54 MILLION followers and his tweets rarely get over 20 thousand retweets. He’s screaming into the wind. I bet this tweet gets more RT’s.

i see all ur tweets. i see ur dms. i see what u go through and want u to know u are not alone. people care. i care. stay strong. #MUCHLOVE 

Just seen all tweets .. You guys are incredible! Thanks for always making us smile

Thank you for all the tweets !! Loads of loveeeeeee !! X

The Top Social Artists had quite the week on Twitter. Between the award and their new album Love Yourself 轉 'Tear', there have been 143 million Tweets about BTS from May 18-May 25.

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So I learnt today that apparently my tweets can bring back chicken fries... Whatever will I ask for next? ;)