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Hit by coronavirus, overseas voter turnout at record-low

@benwikler  Sanders, Biden, and Trump campaigns stopped doing “traditional” GOTV weeks ago. Wrinkle here is that GOP is still urging in-person turnout, Dems are not.

Chicago’s March 17 primary election voter turnout was nearly 38%, down from 53.5% turnout in 2016 but well above the record low of 24.5% in 2012

Today's video: Folks may be overlooking Florida in 2020. Poll avg over last 6 months shows Biden's lead in FL is same or greater as PA/WI. It has a ton of electoral votes. And Biden likely to benefit from prez year turnout in FL in ways he won't in Midwest

Despite fears over the coronavirus, Chicago’s March 17 primary election voter turnout was nowhere near a record low.

(There is a state Supreme Court seat up in this election, which is why Republicans are so eager to hold it during a time of depressed turnout)

Despite coronavirus fears, Chicago’s primary turnout was nowhere near a record low

The city anticipates a small in-person turnoutTuesday due to the high number of absentee ballots mailed out.

"Fitzgerald and Vos also believe a low-turnout election helps conservative Justice Daniel Kelly, who is running against liberal Dane County Circuit JudgeJill Karofsky in a widely watched state Supreme Court race."

What’s good y’all? I hope everyone is being safe out there these days! I loved getting all your dms! I couldn’t believe how many there were! No way did I think the turnout would be this AWESOME! Now I don’t want to…


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Mr. President, we’ve had vote by mail in Colorado for years. We don’t have fraud. But we do have the second highest turnout in America.

Days after Trump said making it easier to vote would hurt GOP, here's GA House speaker David Ralston: “This will be extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia. Every registered voter is going to get one of these. … This will certainly drive up turnout.”

Youtube decided that my video talking about massive GOP voter turnout and Trump's town hall ratings constituted discussion of "modern acts of terror" and demonetized my video awesome

One of the most stunning statistics from the 2016 election is that nearly 42% of eligible voters didn't vote. Historically, midterm turnout is even lower than the turnout rate for presidential years. But we can't afford for anyone to stay home.

Just returned to the @WhiteHouse  after a great evening in Monroe, Louisiana with a massive turnout of Great American Patriots. With early voting underway until Sat, find your polling location below & go vote for your next #LAgov , @EddieRispone ! #GeauxVote ➡️

Patriots' turnout for President Obama in 2015 vs. Patriots' turnout for President Trump today:

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Yesterday was the Radical Left Democrats big Impeachment day. They worked so hard to make it something really big and special but had one problem - almost nobody showed up. “The Media admits low turnout for anti-Trump rallies.” @FoxNews  “All around the Country people are.......

Turnout among 18-29 year olds, compared to 2014 early voting: - AZ +217% - FL +131% - GA +415% (!!!) - MI +128% - NV +364% - TN +767% (!!!) - TX +448% (!!!) Data h/t: &

My fellow Indians, The time has come to say- #VoteKar . In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, ensure that you as well as your family and friends turnout in record numbers. Your doing so will have a positive impact on the nation’s future.

The festival of democracy, Elections are here. I urge my fellow Indians to enrich the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with their active participation. I hope this election witnesses a historic turnout. I particularly call upon first time voters to vote in record numbers.