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The Moscow Times
today s quote of the day is by ivan turgenev citatadnya qotd
Michael Hyatt
if we wait for the moment when everything is ready we shall never begin ivan turgenev
“If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin.” - Ivan Turgenev
President of Russia
moscow a monument to ivan turgenev has been unveiled on ostozhenka street
#Moscow: A monument to Ivan Turgenev has been unveiled on Ostozhenka Street
Darran Anderson
fritz eichenbergs engravings for a 1941 edition of turgenevs fathers amp sons
Fritz Eichenberg‘s engravings for a 1941 edition of Turgenev’s ‘Fathers & Sons’.
Racing TV
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Frankie Dettori's next three rides at #RoyalAscot
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The Paris Review
what greater humiliation is there than loving someone far far more than they love you this is the kind of emba
“What greater humiliation is there than loving someone far, far more than they love you? This is the kind of embarrassing, self-inflicted fever that Turgenev is brilliant at describing.”
The Paris Review
when ivan turgenev was sick and near death he cheerfully undertook a milk cure which predictably enough consis
When Ivan Turgenev was sick and near death, he cheerfully undertook a “milk cure,” which, predictably enough, consisted of drinking nine or ten glasses of milk a day and not much else. He reported that it made him feel much better.
New York Times World
turgenev called his fellow russians lazy and slow and sullen and suspicious but the government usually sensiti
Turgenev called his fellow Russians "lazy and slow" and "sullen and suspicious," but the government, usually sensitive to any criticism, has plowed money into celebrating his place in the pantheon of Russian literature.
Racing Post
harry bentley spoils the party biometric swoops fast and late under bentley to overhaul the frankie dettori ri
Harry Bentley spoils the party! Biometric swoops fast and late under Bentley to overhaul the Frankie Dettori-ridden Turgenev in the Britannia
New York Times Books
isabella hammad s debut novel the parisian has intimidating 19th century precedents tolstoy turgenev stendhal
Isabella Hammad's debut novel, "The Parisian," has intimidating 19th-century precedents — Tolstoy, Turgenev, Stendhal — for a narrative structure of historical change filtered through a young person’s coming-of-age
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