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Pritzker has been a model of leadership, unlike your #TurdReich  regime. Shut up and resign. #TrumpVirus 

The brain surgeons flanking their #TurdReich  leader are standing literally on top of each other. #TrumpPlague 

Most of them, minus your #TurdReich  toady @GovRonDeSantis , are scrambling to fix your messes. #TrumpPlague 

@mitchellreports, how to describe @MattGaetz ? He's a boorish tool, a #TurdReich  toady. That's how. #MattGaetzIsATool 

They wouldn't have had to cut anything if the #TurdReich  had a clue how to handle the #coronavirus  via @markets 

Ain’t never gonna happen. It’s incapable of being a leader of anything but it’s own #TurdReich  train wreck.

George Zimmerman is one lawsuit or stupid comment away from a cabinet position in the #TurdReich .

Did Lou find any polyps up in that #TurdReich  tenement of your ass in which he currently resides?


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#TurdReich trash Karyn Turk, pundit and ex-Mrs. Florida, sentenced to prison for social security fraud

It literally says Twitter for iPhone on your tweet, you tragic #TurdReich  twit.

You did this to yourself. Don’t blame the media for your pitiful pandering to the #TurdReich  white supremacist base.

Ah, back up and cozy in your #TurdReich  leader’s graces. Golf later? #TrumpGOPGenocide 

White male in his 30s. Seems to be a growing problem. I wonder why. #TurdReich 

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So basically we have Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Vlad Putin running the country. #TurdReich  #25thAmendmentNow