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Results for Tunisia


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the hero and father of two who took three bullets and saved his fiancee s life in tunisia is home and well leg
The hero and father of two who took three bullets and saved his fiancee's life in Tunisia is home and well. Legend!
Gary Lineker
i prefer a more accurate critique excellent first half difficult second due to tunisia realising they were bei
I prefer a more accurate critique. Excellent first half. Difficult second due to Tunisia, realising they were being overrun & changing to a much more defensive approach. Awful use of VAR, so unlucky not to win by more. And may I remind you that I have 1 more Golden Boot than you.
The Int'l Spectator
olive oil production 2017 tonnes spain 1286600 greece 195000 italy 182300 turkey 177000 morocco 110000 tunisia
Olive oil production, 2017. (tonnes)

Spain: 1,286,600
Greece: 195,000
Italy: 182,300
Turkey: 177,000
Morocco: 110,000
Tunisia: 100,000
Portugal: 69,400

(International Olive Oil Council)
Dr. Rand Paul
page 376 of terrible rotten no good budget busting bill i found it i found it border security what president t
Page 376 of terrible, rotten, no-good budget busting bill:

I found it! I found it! Border security, what President Trump wanted!

no . . .wait a minute section says Defense can spend what funds it determines to enhance the border security of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia
Frankie Boyle
englands group features an unprincipled tax haven a country notorious for paedophilia and a place where women
England’s group features an unprincipled tax haven, a country notorious for paedophilia, and a place where women are denied basic human rights, playing against Tunisia, Panama and Belgium
Joseph Barton
dont let that mask the fact theyve played 4 decent teams theyve lost 3 times belgium x2 and croatia and drawn
Don’t let that mask the fact they’ve played 4 decent teams. They’ve lost 3 times (Belgium x2 and Croatia) and drawn the other (Winning on penalties against Colombia)in fact we’ve beaten Tunisia, Panama and Sweden. Let’s not get carried away just yet.
ESPN Stats & Info
neymar was fouled 10 times in this match vs switzerland most for any player in a world cup match since alan sh
Neymar was fouled 10 times in this match vs Switzerland, most for any player in a World Cup match since Alan Shearer was fouled 11 times against Tunisia on June 15, 1998.

It also is the most fouls suffered for a Brazilian player in a World Cup match since 1966.
The Int'l Spectator
eliminated from world cup egypt saudi arabia morocco peru australia costa rica tunisia panama poland iran nige
Eliminated from World Cup:

- Egypt
- Saudi Arabia
- Morocco
- Peru
- Australia
- Costa Rica
- Tunisia
- Panama
- Poland
- Iran
- Nigeria
- Iceland
- South Korea
- Germany
Gemma Styles
a horrendous day for many around the world thinking of those in tunisia france and kuwait who have been affect
A horrendous day for many around the world. Thinking of those in Tunisia, France and Kuwait who have been affected by these monstrous acts.
Conrad Hackett
new have no confidence in trump spain 93 mexico 91 france 90 germany 90 greece 83 sweden 82 brazil 78 tunisia
NEW: Have no confidence in Trump
Spain 93%
Mexico 91
France 90
Germany 90
Greece 83
Sweden 82
Brazil 78
Tunisia 76
UK 70
Russia 69
Japan 66
Australia 66
Hungary 60
Poland 56
Israel 31
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