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Facebook is blue, Tumblr is blue, Twitter is blue. The color blue relieves stress.

One fan, a freelance music photographer and graphic designer, was sent $3,000 after she wrote on Tumblr that her livelihood was threatened by the coronavirus pandemic

17 Tumblr Replies That Made Me Laugh, Alone, In My Apartment

One fan, Holly Turner, wrote on Tumblr that her livelihood was threatened. Swift sent $3,000 and wrote, “Holly, you've always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now."

people-fighting-their-airpods-on-zoom dot tumblr dot com

Taylor Swift is sending $3,000 to fans posting on Tumblr about their coronavirus struggles

24 Times People On Tumblr Had The Perfect Response

From a Registered Clinical Counsellor via Tumblr: "Hey, I just want everyone to know that what the world is going through is a legitimate trauma. Full on. It fits the “official” definition and everything. This is a traumatic event."...


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Merry Christmas, everyone! (Who put that mistletoe there??) (Cred: coppersand of Tumblr)

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@pledis_17  stopped by Tumblr HQ to answer fan Qs! Spoiler alert: we're all Carats now. ? Check out their full #AnswerTime  on ➡️

For five straight weeks, @5SOS  has been the No. 1 band on Tumblr. #Fandometrics 

Most reblogged band on @Tumblr . Thank you, you're awesome.

celebrating our 5 year anniversary! more throwback pics on twitter and tumblr today. ?

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I wish I knew how to use tumblr. you guys are so great to us on there and I literally don't even know how to work if

@tumblr  change the update you monsters

You guys kill it on tumblr, I tried to make one once, it was all too much for me. So I'll leave it all up too you lol xx